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Q&A – Power travel applications with best-in-class data

November 15, 2023

A conversation with Jim Hetzel, director of product marketing for Cirium Journey.

The travel segment customer is looking for ways to save money, increase market share, retain customers, and increase profitability.

In this interview, Jim Hetzel discusses how Cirium Traveler Services is enabling travel providers to create better traveler experiences for their customers and increase growth.

What are some of the challenges facing travel providers globally today?

The travel segment customer is looking for ways to save money, increase market share, retain customers, and increase profitability. They also want to beat their competition with as little effort and expense as possible. Additionally, the travel segment is faced with more consumers demanding sustainable travel. The segment has been challenged to decrease their carbon footprint and while emissions are a huge part of that, it is not the only part.

How is Cirium helping to address these challenges?

Cirium data powers travel apps all over the global travel industry, providing best- in-class APIs, scheduling data, disruption alerts, and logistics for travel providers.

Cirium Traveler Services enables travel companies to create a better passenger experience, whether that is for corporate or leisure travelers, in the air, on the ground, or at sea.

We track 35 million flights per year covering over 97% of scheduled flights worldwide.


Breath of Cirium Data: We curate over 600 data sources to serve airlines and airports, cruise lines, limo companies, corporate travel and finance teams at Fortune 500 companies, travel agencies and other tourism providers.

Consultative Partner: Build travel applications with a partner who has global coverage, detailed data sets – including airline schedules, flight status and fleets – and willingness to meet developer requirements.

Trusted & Dependable: Get the most trusted and dependable data for traveler applications and infrastructure solutions.

Travel Disruption Management Solutions: Cirium’s tools and data help travel managers, administrators and travel providers improve the traveler experience, and minimizing
risk and frustration related to disruptions. Centralize the management of traveler alerts, airline

» Proactive Services
» Travel Waiver Services
» Trip Center
» Travel Technology Solutions (APIs & Consultative Services)
» Travel Demand Solutions

» Airline schedules
» Flight status
» Fleet data
» Traveler search/demand data
» Trip Alerts
» Weather
» Disruption data

Proactive Services is a generic term. What does that mean?

When we say “Proactive”, we want to help you mitigate the impact of disruption before it happens, using data and expertise we can provide. Disruption is inevitable and often unpredictable, as well as costly. We think proactive planning coupled with world class data and expertise will help you better weather these inevitable disruptions.

What do I get with Proactive Services?

We provide four main functions in our Proactive Services for the travel industry: keeping your travelers in-the- know, simplifying traveler management, monitoring the traveler experience, and finding cost savings. Our services are highly flexible, to get you just what you need.

Heathrow Airport

The airlines are getting better at notifying travelers of disruptions… Why are your trip notifications better than the airlines?

Airlines usually do a great job notifying their passengers of disruptions. However, they’re only monitoring their own data.

Using unbiased independent data compiled from multiple sources ensures a clearer view of the traveler experience.

Plus, Cirium looks at the next 72 hours of data whereas other data sets only look at the next 24 hours. Wouldn’t you want as much advance notification as possible if you experience a travel disruption?

Do we need your waivers service now that most airlines have generic waivers?

While some airlines have adopted a no change-fee approach – not all airlines have. Policies vary airline-to-airline and region- to-region. Cirium travelers have the most accurate information related to their flight and carrier.

How many airlines are in your waivers service?

Currently, over 60 global airlines are monitored by Cirium’s Travel Waiver services, representing 85% of passenger traffic.

How is your CO2 data different?

aircraft jet engine

Cirium uses a proprietary methodology with clear insights into an organization’s emissions footprint. It helps make informed decisions on sustainability strategies.

Is your CO2 data part of Proactive Services?

Cirium has recently released CO2 emissions forecast by flight that can be leveraged in and part of a proactive travel solution strategy, such as providing CO2 emissions as part of flight schedules to aid travelers in selecting the sustainable flight options.

Our data helps you deliver on sustainability promises with the most accurate, historic, and predicted flight emissions data in the marketplace.

How are you different from FlightAware and OAG?

  Feature  Cirium  OAG  FlightAware
Flight Status72-hours in advance*24-hours in advance24-hours in advance**
Forecast Timeliness72 hours in advance*  24 hours in advance  24 hours in advance**
    Flight AlertsYes (Notification beginning as much as 72 hours in advance)  Yes (Notification beginning as much as 72 hours in advance)  Yes (Notification beginning as much as 72 hours in advance)
    Trip AlertsYes (Flight alerts presented in context of traveler itinerary)    No    No
Trip Alert ScopeFull itinerary  Per Segment  Per Segment
Trip WaiversYes  No  No
* Flight status and alerts are available 72 hours in advance if the data is provided by the airline.

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Jim Hetzel, Director of Product Marketing at Cirium, is a travel industry executive with over 20 years of travel industry experience in the areas of product development, international business development, air operations, travel technology and marketing; focused on various segments of the industry. An expert in developing and implementing travel technology and data related initiatives, as well as building strategic partnerships with prominent multi-national organizations.

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