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Cirium started from the idea that aviation and travel industries are stronger through efficient sharing of knowledge and information.

BE INSPIRED. Cirium invests in major initiatives on sustainability, electric aircraft,  and the digital transformation of the aviation industry.

DISCOVER YOUR PATH. We support young professionals at Cirium on their journey; to build their careers through mentorships programs and secondments to move across our business and explore opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise.

Gain valuable technical and professional expertise, and practical experience. Gain insight from professionals in the industry, form connections with different people across the company, and watch your career take off.

Our graduate opportunities provide a great balance of professional and personal growth. Your department will help you grow your skills and understanding to successfully carry out your job. Through Cirium Graduate programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of the company, cultivate your abilities, and increase your leadership, creative and strategic skills, all of which will assist you in reaching your goals and be ready for the next stage in your career when the program ends.

At Cirium and across our parent company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, we believe in the importance of nurturing future talent, and giving people the opportunity to build on their education in a fast-paced working environment. Cirium is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

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Grow and broaden your expertise with Cirium. We strive to offer you all the support you need to thrive. Our Early Careers graduate team will mentor you and back you up, collaborating to help you meet your goals. Cirium is a business where over 20 languages are spoken, where our leaders bring their authentic selves to work.

2023 Internship opportunities with Ascend Consultancy (formerly Ascend by Cirium)

These positions have now been filled. Check back for future postings
Location: London (Heathrow) / Hounslow, Middlesex, United Kingdom / New York (City) / Hong Kong
Ascend Consultancy is seeking an enthusiastic junior or graduate intern to join our team during 2023. You will work as part of the Consultancy team of over 30 experts, based globally. Ascend has been delivering aviation data and appraisals for over 50 years. Our appraisals are used globally to value in excess of 100,000 aviation assets annually.

Internships across our company
10-week summer internships give talented students and recent graduates the opportunity to help solve real challenges and work on business-critical projects as part of an expert team.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Graduate Program (check back for future opportunities)
We regularly recruit for UK graduate schemes across our business to offer talented graduates the chance to contribute to solving the most complex problems and work in a diverse and exciting environment; Technology – Software Engineering / Systems Engineering, Data, Product Management, UX (User Experience).

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We offer talented graduates the chance to contribute to solving the most complex problems and work in a diverse and exciting environment

Meet the 2023 Interns

NEW! See Shiyun’s updates about her work on a maintenance adjustments for different types of aircraft project and more.
Follow along this summer as we add stories of some of the 2023 interns’ experiences.

Shiyun Li

Shiyun Li

Aviation finance, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University

Olly Atkins

Olly Atkins

BSc Aviation Management< Coventry University

see the story

Abisola Oyinloye

Abisola Oyinloye

MBA program at Coventry business school

see the story

Joe Barnett

Joe Barnett

BSc Aviation Management, Coventry University

see the story

Eric Cho

Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

see the story

Joel Edgar 

Data Science at Southampton University

see the story

Dzhani Daud

Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, Southampton University

see the story

Cirium collaborates on education and research initiatives

An MBA group from Cranfield University worked together on a ‘Cirium Project’, and presented it to the Cirium team.


Bianca Chivu, Aviation Management student

Taking part in a complex event like the Hackathon was a great experience. I was fortunate to meet a lot of like-minded individuals which I was able to share my experience with, and gain knowledge from, which expanded my boundaries. I was also able to learn the importance of a diverse and dedicated team when conducting a consultancy project.

Developing a project was a challenging experience that ultimately, I was able to grow and learn from. The female presence within the Cirium team was empowering and inspirational.

Overall, the Hackathon was a distinguished experience that gave me the skills and experience to pursue my passion for a career in aviation. I would encourage any female student to participate in a hackathon and see for themselves the amazing things they can achieve.

Vanshul Kumar
Vanshul Kumar, Computer Science student

As a computer science student, I found this hackathon to be extremely beneficial. As the task was a real-world problem with many technical operations, it allowed me to apply topics and skills learned at university, such as data science and R. Despite my lack of prior aviation knowledge, my team members, who were aviation management students, assisted me in understanding the data as well as many other aviation concepts. 

Our team’s diversified experience, was crucial which ultimately led to our win.

This partnership not only improved my understanding of the subject, but it also piqued my interest in the aviation industry. With the opportunity to intern, I am excited to learn more about the industry and make a positive contribution to the company.

Maheen Fatima, Aviation Management student

Participating in the Cirium Hackathon was a unique and exciting experience. Initially, I was hesitant to join the event, but the Cirium team empowered and encouraged everyone. They provided a comfortable and supportive environment for all the students so they could perform to the best of their ability.

I appreciated the creative and multi-disciplinary nature of the hackathon. The event brought together participants studying data science and aviation management to work together on an aviation related project. It was inspiring to see how people of different backgrounds and perspectives came together and demonstrated problem solving and teamwork.

As a female student, I believe hackathon was a great learning experience which helped me not only to learn more about data science, consulting and the amazing work people at Cirium do, but also it provided me an opportunity to learn more about myself. The Cirium hackathon is an excellent opportunity which should not be missed. I am very grateful for being able to participate and would highly recommend it.

Cirium Early Careers  — Events

Stay tuned for upcoming Cirium events. In March of 2023 we ran two Hackathons at Coventry University and the University of Southampton.

The Coventry University event was a first of its kind for Cirium, a ‘cross-disciplined hackathon’, where teams from Aviation Management, Data Science and Computer Science tackled a Cirium Ground Events Challenge. As in business, the students experienced how various disciplines collaborate to consult and solve problems.  

We asked the Coventry participants to analyze downtime between flights of 5 airlines, to see whether airlines can operate more efficiently or can learn from one another.  So, how quickly does an aircraft turnaround at one airport compared to another, how do airlines compare to one another operationally when scheduling their aircraft usage and are they maximizing the use of their aircraft?

Early careers community

At Cirium, we know an inclusive workplace made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and ideas is what drives true innovation for our customers around the world. Our employee groups are designed to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment.

For Young Professionals we strive to foster community:

  • Building and strengthening connections with peers and the company
  • Fostering personal growth
  • Providing educational resources
  • Engaging in volunteer and community service projects
  • Inspiring the younger workforce to become leaders inside and outside of the company

Inclusion and diversity at Cirium

As a company with customers all over the world, we truly value diversity and believe that an inclusive environment is essential for nurturing big ideas and developing industry-changing innovation.


Early careers profiles

Evelyn Quest

Associate (Graduate) Data Scientist

Syed Zaidi

Principal aviation analyst

Meet Syed

Jenny Bogg

Data Scientist III

Meet Jenny

Steven Strouvalis

Senior User Experience Designer

To raise awareness about non-visible disabilities we have partnered with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower with our parent company RELX, and LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Learn more: What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

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