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Fleets and accident data to build pricing models and manage risk

Access the most accurate view of the aviation market to understand aircraft delays and cancellations, fleet information and aircraft accidents. With valuation data on more than 67,000 commercial aircraft and engines, and an airline fleets database covering more than 400,000 aircraft and up-to-date global schedules, you can track every detail of your insured equipment or assess your next investment.

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Reduce risk

Build world-class data models

Develop robust and bespoke pricing models with comparable data from any airline worldwide. Track accident frequency data establishing loss characteristics, get up-to-date insights by MSN of an aircraft’s history and merge fleets data with your own information.

Understand your risk and exposure

Quantify your risk through accident per aircraft data and understand your exposure by analyzing hours and cycles and passenger load factor by specific operator. By viewing the current and previous ownership, management and operator details by MSN, you can have a complete view of an aviation asset.

Proactively manage delay insurance

Effectively manage demand and help customers quickly and accurately make claims when their flight is delayed. Through our data solutions, you can understand a delay in real-time and validate information using trip alert data.

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Cirium is a trusted independent source providing the best industry data in the market.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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