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Creating opportunity

The right intelligence drives operational efficiencies, enables airport management to predict market shifts and helps respond quickly to changes in schedules, airline and passenger needs. Cirium offers the most accurate and precise data and analytics to enable the best airport services and operations.

The most accurate industry data is used around the world by airports and governments to analyze airline schedules, market share and operations performance. Cirium data is often the first tool airports turn to when working to attract new airlines, grow operations and plan expansions.

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Data and analytics for demand assessment, on-time performance and real-time reporting

Benchmark schedules

Cirium uses its data processing power and access to the largest set of schedule data to forecast demand, optimize gate schedules and evaluate competitive scenarios. Measure on-time performance improvements. Gain insights into passenger and competitor behavior.

Attract airlines

Aggregated industry data helps create accurate assessments of your route health. Calculate demand. Get insights into airline revenue using industry-standard Total Revenue per Available Seat Mile (TRASM) methodology.

Real-time reporting

Access real-time reporting across passenger load, schedules, fares, fleet and demographic data sources to stay ahead of ailrine decisions. Set the stage to accelerate digital transformation with real-time data.

Long-term planning

Track regional travel trends and demographic data to forecast future demand and commercial needs for the regional economy.

Discover new opportunities

Benchmark airport operations, gain a view of the global fleet and improve market intelligence.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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