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Analyzing Schedules Data Can Ensure Your Growth

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5 Reasons Analyzing Schedules Data Can Ensure Your Growth

January 30, 2020

What steps are you taking to drive your business forward in the next year? Whether you’re an airline scheduler, airport […]

What steps are you taking to drive your business forward in the next year? Whether you’re an airline scheduler, airport ground service provider, marketing manager or any other professional working with airlines or airports, there are two things that are critical to your success: planning and analysis. In fact, these days no business can survive without intelligent planning planning and analysis.

It can be a challenge to determine what type of data you should be looking at and how you should go about analyzing it. Without the proper tools, you won’t be able to access the insight you need.

For anyone who works with airlines or airports, schedules data is critical for market analysis and research. That is why we created the schedules database. This database provides a secure and high-quality service for the collection, validation, consolidation and distribution of airline schedules and related data.

From the schedules database, Cirium created SRS Analyser, an online query tool designed to make extracting and manipulating schedules data both fast and easy through ready-to-use, pre-defined reports or customized queries. Users can pull an unlimited amount of accurate data, accessible 24 hours per day, right on their desktop.

SRS Analyser facilitates in-depth analysis of global airline schedules, which can help drive your growth strategies and make planning easier than ever.

Here are five reasons why using SRS Analyser to analyze schedules data will help you make the most intelligent and informed decisions:

1. You’ll have access to quality data

If you’re using data analysis to inform your decision-making, then you’re going to want to make sure the data you’re using is as accurate and reliable as possible. But what exactly goes into ensuring data quality? It’s all about confirming facts and cross-checking information. That is why the team that manages the schedules database and SRS Analyser constantly reviews discrepancies with the data provider for clarification and verification before submission to the database.

Consistency, reliability and completeness are a priority. Approximately 89.9% of the database is updated and refreshed every week, enabling you to analyze the most reliable data to make informed strategic decisions.

2. Coverage, coverage, coverage

When you’re planning for the future, you want to be able to see the whole picture. That is why coverage is so important. The schedules database contains detailed information on passenger and cargo schedules from more than 900 airlines and 3500 airports worldwide, including timings, frequencies and capacities. The database represents more than 99.9% of the air segments flown every day.

You’ll also be able to see the most recent, historical (-16 years) and future (+11 months) schedules data. Having access to this amount of coverage empowers you to confidently craft your network plan, consider new routes and determine any changes you might want to make in the new year.

3. Automation

Anytime you can automate your business processes you know you are saving money and time. If you’re going to engage in any sort of data analysis, you’re going to need a tool that is easy-to-use, responsive and can automatically generate files and reports.

With SRS Analyser, you can design your own reports that include the data you need and schedule them to run at a frequency that suits you. They will be automatically emailed to multiple inboxes in your preferred file format. Additionally, you can automatically create graphs to use in presentations as well as access automated network mapping for existing or future networks or hubs.

4. It helps you understand your competitors

Even the most established businesses still need to regularly rethink their direction in relation to their competition. Schedules data analysis allows you to evaluate your own performance, and it also provides insight into how competitors are doing.

Understanding competitor data will push you to achieve better goals and become more innovative. According to William P. Barnett, a professor of business leadership and strategy at Stanford, pressure from competition causes people to search for ways to improve their company’s performance, which, in turn, makes them stronger competitors. If you plan to outpace the competition, you’ll need access to the best data in order to develop the most targeted, accurate and successful enhancements.

5. You’ll find new opportunities 

Gaining a better understanding of schedules data will enable you to determine opportunities in the marketplace. The insight provided by SRS Analyser will help you expand your network and make informed strategic decisions. For example:

  • Airlines can anticipate demand on specific routes across multiple dates as well as spot opportunities with potential codeshares and partnerships.
  • Airports can make strategic decisions about which airlines to target using insight into an airline’s network, routes and frequencies.
  • Airport fuel suppliers will have an accurate means of quantifying the amounts of fuel required by customer airlines at the airports where they operate.
  • Ground handling agents can identify flight movement and equipment changes at airports. Therefore, they’ll be better prepared for any changes and expansion by ordering new equipment, hiring new staff, etc.

These are just a few examples of how SRS Analyser brings worldwide airline passenger schedule information from the schedules database to your fingertips. Anyone working with airlines and airports can benefit from more insight into schedules data, including airline schedulers, airline planners, airline market managers, airport business developers, or aviation industry experts and analysts. This powerful tool makes it easy to analyze what matters to you.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo to experience SRS Analyser for yourself or find more content here.

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