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How to access the best airline schedule intelligence

October 10, 2019

Build your business with Cirium SRS Analyzer, the most comprehensive global airline schedules data for flight route analytics, demand forecasting and route planning.

Exactly how intelligent is your airline schedules data? Is it giving you the full story on schedules, market capacity and connections data for route planning, and enabling you to improve customer satisfaction by offering smarter travel choices? And if not, how can you improve your outlook with solutions that don’t cost the earth? If you’re in operations and planning, or otherwise an aviation industry pro, then chances are these are the questions that lurk front of mind.

IATA Slots Schedules calendar

At Cirium, we understand you need the most comprehensive global airline schedules data with a round-the-clock, 360-degree view. Put bluntly, you can’t confidently build your operations around all the optimum flight schedules, compare against your competitors, catch up and overtake their performance without it. And when it comes to future investments, how do you truly know whether the smartest move is to grow your operations or improve your current offering? Flying blind is never fun.

With this in mind, we have developed what has become the world’s leading scheduled flights data resource – the most reliable and largest in scope available in the aviation industry today. Cirium SRS Analyser has built an enviable reputation for providing both the very best airline schedules data intelligence and the best support services.

We’re also proud to have secured a commercial agreement with IATA . This highly-valued partnership has enabled us to make sure we’re always one step ahead of changes – with the ability to accurately add new carriers and remove those that cease operating.

So, what does Cirium SRS Analyser offer?

Quite simply, it enables you to tap into direct feeds from 900+ global airlines and access 20 years of historical data and 11 months of future data. This also includes 99.6% of all scheduled passenger flight ASKs (available seat kilometers). The cherry on the cake? Airlines send us their schedules on a regular basis but SRS Analyser is refreshed once a week.

It’s designed to help you develop robust growth plans by analyzing all the world’s airline schedules with precision. You can also view historical trends and gain advanced understanding of future trends. Our database covers virtually every operating scheduled airline in the world, so you never have to worry about “missing connections”.

How Cirium SRS Analyser works

SRS Analyser is a web-based tool powered by the world’s most reliable global airline schedules database.  A neutral, secure, and high-quality source of airline data analytics, the tool offers detailed reports to uncover key insights about market demand and supply, route dynamics and performance.

7 routes to success

  1. Raise the bar on what you think is possible – our customers rely on us for the widest and most accurate global industry coverage.
  2. Pick up your pace – when there’s a need for speed, Cirium SRS Analyser allows you to research faster by automating your workflows with a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface.
  3. Keep a close eye on your competitors – did you know you can view and monitor their actions?
  4. Plan with confidence – say goodbye to the stress caused by partial views and hello to a front row seat. Cirium SRS Analyser empowers you to identify commercial opportunities and make critical decisions on expanding, reducing, or stopping air services in any given market.
  5. Impress your stakeholders – with a robust business case and rapidly respond to their queries with airline analytics you all can trust.
  6. Future-proof your operations – monitor route performance and build a case to propose a new air service.
  7. Take advantage of professional support – our package includes exceptional levels of support delivered by smart humans who are on hand to help you navigate the tool.

Work with anything less than the best airline schedules data, and you run the risk that your best-laid strategic plans will go up in the air.

IATA Slots Schedules calendar

How to get plugged in

For further details of Cirium SRS Analyser, or to arrange a free trial,  contact us and one of our experts will be in touch.

Interested in what the Cirium data portfolios and smart analytics can do for your business? You can find more content here. Read about our innovations and solutions to develop commercial strategy and improve the traveler experience.

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