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    Snowflake Software customers have access to the largest, most complete timely aviation data and analysis.


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    Traffic and schedules data

    Traffic, schedules and connections data for route planning, offering travel choices and analyzing market share

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    Access the industry’s most comprehensive schedules and connections source, reducing time spent on development and data maintenance. Accelerate your digital transformation with air travel analytics to forecast market demand and develop profitable travel experiences. Get a complete picture of commercial aviation supply and demand

    What you’ll find in this traffic and schedules portfolio

    Target desirable development opportunities and understand traveler trends with the world’s leading data sets combined from over 900 global airlines and industry partners in global fares and ticketing data.

    • 99.6% of all passenger scheduled available seat kilometers (ASKs)
    • Estimated worldwide flown traffic for 300,000+ O&Ds
    • Over 90 million online and interline connections covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide
    • 20 years of historical connections and schedules
    • Single file of connection types, including hacked, legal, e-ticketable and industry specific
    • Both O&D and Segment fare and revenue available by class of service 
    • Point of Origin percentage by origin, destination, and other 
    • Forward-looking schedules data for 11 future months
    • Network and route dynamics analysis reports by week, airport and code share
    • Daily, weekly and monthly updates
    • Configurable, flexible QSI scoring options including service type, connection type, plane size, connection times, circuity
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    Cirium provides schedules and market share analytics, including gap analysis, to the world’s airlines, and to those interested in doing business with them. Aviation-related companies, like online travel agencies and other travel technology providers, are building accurate, flexible web-based tools for travel planning and status updates.  The industry counts on the accuracy and timeliness of our schedules and connections files.

    What our customers say

    I have used SRS Analyser and its predecessor and related tools (APG Dat and diio-Mi) since the early 2000s, and am a big fan of the product. With SRS Analyser, one can answer any airline capacity related question within seconds. I particularly like the Dynamic Table feature, which allows one to quickly create customized data pulls. The Scheduled Reports feature is also very useful. Since SRS Analyser is so fast, if your initial pull is not quite what you want, you can easily update the data fields and rerun it. I highly recommend SRS Analyser for anyone who needs to study airline capacity in any level of detail, ranging from macro down to micro levels.

    Colin F. Wheeler
    Associate Vice President – Network Planning IndiGo

    A must-have resource in our office in easily analyzing air service changes for our airport clients. The Web-based features and custom report tools are intuitive for our analysts to use as they mimic pivot tables that we also use in Excel.

    Matt Townsend
    Director, Frasca & Associates LCC


    The data we get from Cirium is more accurate, more complete and there are more data fields for us to use.

    Patrik Larsson
    Chief Executive Officer, CTravel

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