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How to source the most reliable aviation news

August 19, 2019

Fake news, who needs it? If you’re tired of wading through sensationalist or second-hand news, you’re not alone. The fact […]

Fake news, who needs it? If you’re tired of wading through sensationalist or second-hand news, you’re not alone. The fact is that aviation news is no more immune to the risk of misinformation than any other media sector. And when it comes to the information upon which we make our biggest business decisions, who has the stomach for half-baked facts and stats, rumors or yesterday’s views?

It makes us nervous, and why wouldn’t it? Our ability to be agile and proactively react to changes in the market depends upon the quality and reliability of the news, insights, and aviation market research that informs our strategies.

Question is: how much do you trust your go-to sources? Do you use and cross-reference multiple news feeds to sort the facts from the fiction? Does trying to keep on top of the relentless stream of breaking news in aviation make you feel overwhelmed and out of touch? Because it is relentless, right?

Cirium Dashboard enables professionals across the full aviation ecosystem – airports, airlines, lessors, MROs, OEMs, financiers and insurers – to view the industry through multiple lenses, based on current and future market developments.

Many of our clients – leading global brands in the travel and aviation industry – shared their frustration with the lack of a streamlined quality news source they could trust. Our quest to meet this need led to the creation of Cirium Dashboard – now firmly established as the aviation world’s leading resource.

Our solution? A tool that delivers unique, real-time access to aviation news and insights, airline orders and aircraft fleet information, powered by a team of experienced journalists. Cirium Dashboard offers a reliable watering hole where facts are rigorously checked, expert sources staunchly verified and trends put under the microscope – all delivered to you in a single-source feed.

How Cirium Dashboard changed the game

Armed with Cirium Dashboard’s tailored news and analysis on breaking aviation stories from around the world; from coverage of airline financial performance to changes in airline fleets, aviation pros can identify the opportunities that change fortunes.

7 key benefits

  • Be empowered by hard facts you can trust at your fingertips: Dashboard delivers real-time access to the latest news and insights to help you stay connected with key trends and developments in the aviation market
  • Research faster: as the industry evolves, using a single-source news feed is the smarter way to track market trends and changes
  • Broaden your field of vision: Dashboard enables you to quickly view a breakdown of fleet figures for 1,600 airlines and the route schedules of more than 12,000 commercial, cargo and RFS network/routes by operator
  • Get the inside story: on company data for 8,500 organizations, including airlines, MROs and OEMs, by viewing a list of all operating organisations segmented by region
  • Drill down into details: get answers to burning questions such as which airlines are ordering, cancelling or swapping their aircraft assets, and the fleet figures, routes and finances of every global commercial airline
  • Plan with confidence: develop your strategy based on credible aviation market research and news updates, such as new routes or the status of orders and deliveries
  • Navigate negotiations: earn trust and respect in your field by citing authoritative information in your conversations. That’s priceless.

How it works

It’s brilliantly simple. Dashboard is an integrated tool with an intuitive UI that provides aviation news, fleet updates, engine selections, route information, company data and high-level reports.

How to get plugged in

Once you’re signed up, you’re good to go. Talk to our friendly team of advisors to set up your access to the industry’s most respected aviation news resource today.

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