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    Snowflake Software customers have access to the largest, most complete timely aviation data and analysis.


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    Working with insurance firms

    Fleets and accident data to build robust pricing models and proactively manage risk
    Access the most accurate view of the aviation market to understand aircraft delays and cancellations, fleet information and aircraft accidents.

    Why choose our products and data solutions?

    Bespoke data solutions

    Gain insight from our fleets, values, accidents, schedules and flight status data to analyze the largest airport ground accumulations. Our solutions are built to your requirements and can be fed directly by FTP or XML into your internal systems.

    Advanced airline fleets analysis

    Access the industry’s most complete airline fleets database that covers over 360,000 aircraft – informing your view of the global fleet and understanding of accidents by MSN. Use this data to accurately spot trends from previous years and plan your strategy for the future.

    Trusted accidents and loss data

    Analyze our comprehensive general and commercial aviation database covering more than 7,400 global operators. Built using data by fleets, accidents, hours and cycles, loss and exposure statistics dating back to 1952.

    Accelerate your business growth with a trusted independent source providing the best industry data in the market

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