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The Cirium Airline Insights Review 2021

Analysis of the industry’s recovery from the pandemic

What’s Inside The Cirium Airline Insights Review 2021

Jeremy Bowen, CEO at Cirium provides an overview of the industry in recovery over the past year.  Followed by his expert insights and outlook into 2022, as a kick-off to this report.

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Highlights the airline industry’s sustainability efforts and the impact on the broader aviation industry.

  • Sustainability is not the future. It’s the present, by Mike Malik, CMO, Cirium
  • Measuring Emissions by airlines. Q&A with Robbin Grassanovits, Cirium’s Sustainable Travel Product Leader

Industry Voices

  • Schedules – close-in changes
  • Airfares:  The fall and rise of air fares before, during and after the pandemic
  • Startups in 2021 – unlikely opportunity amid covid
  • New routes in 2021 – more capacity between origins and destinations despite the headwinds
  • New York – London in Aviation Recovery
  • Recovery by region
  • APAC Airline Industry Restructure
  • Spotlight Latin America
  • Machine Learning Q&A
  • Cabin for Cargo
  • Cargo – Broader trends
  • Impacts on Passenger Fleets
  • Air Operating Leasing Powers

Why OTP Matters

Jay Morgan and Jim Hetzel detail the importance of airline On-Time Performance, the impact to passenger experience, why Cirium is the industry’s benchmark and how its calculated.

The Cirium Airline Insights Review 2021

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