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Cirium progresses towards a clear analytics future

August 1, 2019

The drive of the wider travel industry has orientated towards greater efficiency, sustainable growth, improved commercial strategies and improvements in […]

The drive of the wider travel industry has orientated towards greater efficiency, sustainable growth, improved commercial strategies and improvements in the travel experience. And there is no sign of travel slowing, for example when it comes to airline passenger traffic, growth continues at above 5 per cent per annum.

Cirium’s focus on data and analytics is aligned to this growth, enabling key market players to drive targeted, profitable and informed decisions and ultimately improve the traveller experience.

Jeremy Bowen, CEO at Cirium explains Cirium’s position as “enabling the industry to gain control of the future, at a time when the industry’s rapid digital transformation is overturning old certainties.”

In support of Cirium’s strategic drive towards smart data and advanced analytics, the business has today completed the divestment of the legacy FlightGlobal portfolio which includes aviation news, events and FlightJobs to DVV Media International Ltd.

Cirium retained the FlightGlobal name for the publishing and events side of the business when the company rebranded in February 2019 in order to, as Bowen states “create clarity between the two brands, to ensure our data and analytics solutions are widely known in the market as Cirium and the aviation news and events could build on its heritage and flourish in its own sector as FlightGlobal.”

“We have so much untapped potential in the Cirium portfolio which we have built through decades of data and tech expertise and acquisitions of innovative companies such as FlightStats, Diio, Ascend and Innovata” adds Bowen.

The business’ data and analytics offering comprises Cirium Solutions (actionable insights and analytical tools, including well-known products Dashboard, Fleets and Values Analyzer, Diio Mi, SRS Analyser, QSI and many more), Cirium Pro Services (consultancy and data customization services) and a new offering coming soon.

Bowen believes it’s an opportune time for Cirium to drive positive change for the wider travel industry. For example, Cirium are currently partnering with the world’s top airlines to develop optimal route networks, power decision support systems to increase capacity and market share, execute efficient ground operations, and ensure focused hub management amongst many other strategic and tactical functions.

“Our next move is to study daily highs and lows of airlines’ entire network and target gaps in market share, the very moment they appear” says Bowen.

The launch of the new brand Cirium brought together key industry brands Ascend, FlightStats, Diio and Innovata under one umbrella – all now operating as Cirium. Now with the divestment of its FlightGlobal portfolio of publishing and events, the company will help create a clear position for Cirium in the industry – bringing unrivaled solutions that target an improved future of travel.

Editor’s notes:

The divested FlightGlobal portfolio includes the leading magazine brands Flight International and Airline Business, the daily news, views, analysis and other publishing activities at international air shows, including Flight DailyNews and Flight EveningNews, a portfolio of aviation conferences and awards, including The Airline Strategy Awards, and other publishing activities such as FlightJobs and the websites and social media accounts supporting these publishing activities.

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