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July 25, 2019

Sometimes it can be tough to tell the difference between hearsay and hard facts when we talk about aircraft trends. […]

Sometimes it can be tough to tell the difference between hearsay and hard facts when we talk about aircraft trends. Staying ahead of the curve – prepared for shifts in aircraft outlooks long before they land – is the holy grail of predictive analytics. Trouble is, statistics don’t tell you the full story.

If you’re looking for a reliable oracle, you not only need market leading analysis that enables you to conduct high-quality research but also an expert qualitative view you can trust. Because, sometimes, we all need a helping hand to read between the lines.

At Cirium, we put talented humans at the heart of our data and analytics solutions to make sure we deliver data that solves your real-world challenges. And we offer a personal touch in everything we do. This was the thinking behind Cirium Asset Market Commentaries – a quarterly view that reflect changes of a dynamic market environment with accurate analysis on the global fleet to manage risk and understand market behavior drivers.

How Cirium Asset Market Commentaries can help you

If you’re developing an investment thesis or reviewing current investment strategies of an aviation asset, your success depends on the depth and quality of the information you research. It’s critical to have access to best-in-class data sources to avoid potential challenges in a programme.  Our analytics and expert views enable you to:

  • Understand aircraft trends with quantitative data combined with qualitative analysis to support your in-house views
  • Accurately inform risk and investment committees with a consistent view of developments in an aviation programme, segment or market sector
  • Communicate with authority about the trends and projections of asset residual values and market outlooks.

Our data scientists

Our data science is created by a team of more than 400 experts, all of whom have in-depth industry knowledge to help you navigate the nuances and complexities of aviation and big data. Making airframe and engine market outlooks look simpler is just one of the ways we use big data to put you in the bigger picture.

So, what’s included in the Cirium Asset Market Commentaries report?

You’ll find:

  • Easy to understand summary split by green, amber and red factors
  • Detailed aircraft type outlook by short, medium and long term
  • Value trends for past three years
  • Lease rate trends for past three years
  • Market activity in the last quarter – net orders, deliveries, sales, leases and retirements
  • Regional distribution in/service and on order figures
  • Market outlook (engines)
  • Known technical issues (engines)
  • Liquidity overview (engines)
  • Maintenance overview (engines)

For further details of Cirium Asset Market Commentaries for aircraft trends, contact us and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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