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    Our data science

    We are building a data lake like no other, comprising of proprietary, researched and contributory data through our partnerships. Our focus is on the quality of the data sets and the personal touch we apply to navigate the complexities and produce simplified solutions.

    Data collection

    We consider it our duty to bring a fail-safe approach to data collection by applying multi-source aggregation practices to create a clean, consistent 'truth' from hundreds of overlapping sources.

    • Most of our data comes from our trusted industry relationships with IATA, ARC, airlines, airports, GDSs, the FAA, OEMs, banks, equates to over 2000 sources
    • Sources we consider very reliable are used as a measure against other sources to help maintain quality control
    • Our onboarding process is optimized for efficiency, so we can get new data sources up and running in a matter of days

    over 2000 sources of data

    Cirium - Travel waiver - analytics, data for the travel industry

    Curation technology

    We are more than a flight data aggregator. After we collect data, we don’t simply republish it. Instead, we use a combination of sophisticated big data technology stack and our proprietary software to make data better than the way we received it.

    • We employ sophisticated tools and statistics to corroborate information, throw out outliers and fill in gaps
    • When there are conflicting updates, we apply advanced algorithms and logic to identify the most reasonable data points. We can create a complete picture of an event from a smaller sample of data
    • Rather than plugging data into pre-existing programs, we write our own programs so we’re able to find answers no one else can

    our algorithms cleanse data

    Personal touch

    No matter how 'smart' our technology becomes, successful data science still requires a team of human experts with data knowledge and domain knowledge for maintenance and oversight.

    • We hire the best people with in-depth industry expertise to help us navigate the nuances and complexities of aviation and big data
    • Hundreds of quality checks are performed on our data. From acquisition to processing to distribution, our data is constantly improved as it travels through our pipeline
    • Our teams have exceptional monitoring processes in place, so they can catch and fix errors or issues in a short amount of time

    Over 400 technologists, data scientists and market experts

    Cirium - Our data science

    Flexible access - real time flight data APIs and more

    Our data is delivered in a variety of ways, so it is always fit for the intended purpose and can support sophisticated use cases.

    • From data feeds and APIs to web tools and dashboards, our data can be consumed or integrated in any form desired
    • We combine data with other related data sets before delivery to allow our experts and customers to derive better insights from it
    • We have data sets that can be delivered in real time, refreshed weekly or extracted from our extensive historical records, including the most comprehensive archive of fleet data (since 1947) and flight history data (since 2005)
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    Our experts

    Our innovation is driven by the hundreds of data scientists, analysts, engineers and market experts in our business. We believe in our people.

    Our product innovation

    It’s our aim to solve the aviation ecosystem’s biggest challenges with the fusion of our data lake and smart technologies.

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