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5 reasons why Ascend by Cirium is the team to back for Appraiser of the Year 2021

October 14, 2020

Cirium’s expert team of industry-recognized ISTAT Appraisers offer unsurpassed valuations, reflecting the quality of our data and our advanced analytics.

When it comes to proof points of our commitment to excellence in aviation finance, there’s no more prestigious an accolade than the Airline Economics Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year Award.

Having been nominated for the Aviation 100 Appraiser of The Year Award 2021, we’re excited to share our latest achievements and impressive track record with the 10,000+ industry peers from airline, banking, leasing and engine-brokerage sectors taking part in this year’s vote to name the winner.

Voting has now opened

We are enormously proud of our Ascend by Cirium consultancy team who won this coveted award for a record seventh time in 2019.  And since then, we’ve reached another milestone. Led by Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy, Cirium has further enhanced its aviation finance operations to become the largest team of ISTAT-certified appraisers globally – also welcoming two American Society Of Appraisers (ASA) Senior Appraisers, and an expanded fleet of experts in accidents and respected economists to the Cirium fold.

The judging criteria for the Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year Award: nominees are assessed based upon the results of the Aviation News survey, number of clients handled, number offices/employees, turnover in past 12 months, and aircraft type specialism.

Check out the five ways we make the winning grade and then vote for Ascend by Cirium here

  1. Cirium’s reputation has been built upon trust
    And maintaining that trust is our priority. Our team of appraisers is committed to providing an objective view of all aspects of aviation finance and risk assessment relating to your portfolio. As we do not invest in aircraft, nor do we broker the sale or lease of aircraft, our customers are 100% confident that we have no conflict of interest. We are also transparent about our data capture, as well as our historical forecast accuracy.
  2. Our values research is calibrated with actual trading data
    In 2020 to date, we have captured more than 1,500 lines of market intelligence, including aircraft sales, lease transactions, aircraft maintenance and refurbishment costs. This provides the level of detail critical to ensuring our opinions always closely reflect the state of the market. We have consistently reported our data capture levels over the past three years; we’re the only appraisers to do so regularly.
  3. We hold ourselves accountable with rigorous reviews
    Our value review boards (VRB) ensure every decision is carefully considered. Established individually for each asset class, our VRBs meet regularly to review our data capture and discuss value change proposals. Change proposals are debated by the members of each VRB before value changes are agreed. This staunch process ensures that all asset types are thoroughly reviewed, enabling us to deliver the most appropriate output to our broad client base. We also regularly review the outcome of our future value forecasts to assess their accuracy, using the results to inform and calibrate the next generation of forecasts.
  4. We stand out as the aviation finance industry specialists
    Our talented people have more than 300 years’ combined experience in the commercial aviation industry. Based in London, New York and Hong Kong, our team of dedicated aviation professionals is in close contact with the market 24/7. Our geographical distribution gives us an invaluable view of the market across all global regions, ensuring no bias towards any single region or business model. It is precisely this level of expertise that inspires our customers to rate us so highly: thanks to their endorsements, we’ve won the Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year Award for seven out of the past ten years. No other team is more highly qualified – with seven ISTAT and two ASA-certified appraisers, and several more eminent candidates in the wings, we continue to build up our ranks.
  5. We are the world’s leading provider of historical market values data
    Did you know that our data reaches all the way back to 1965? This is unbeatable by any other provider – by a very long stretch – and comprises detailed back-to-birth value history for every aircraft type in service today. This unique capability allows us to analyze value and lease rate trends and volatility over more than four decades. Cirium also offers the most comprehensive archive of fleets data (since 1947), and flight history data (since 2005), which further informs our research and analysis, and are, of course, the go-to data sources also used by many of our clients across the entire aviation ecosystem.

And we work in partnership with the aviation industry, constantly elevating our operations as our clients’ needs evolve. Our recent product updates include group valuations, asset risk rating downside and monthly values.

Ready to bat for Ascend by Cirium? Please vote for us here

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