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The suite of corporate travel management tools for the next era of business travel

The corporate travel market is one of the most important sources of revenue for airlines. The challenge? Managing the vast amount of data required to support corporate relationships, keeping pace with the rapidly changing market, making informed decisions based on accurate insights, and ensuring all stakeholders are interconnected.
Enter Nexavia.

The Nexavia™ suite of data and analytics is a total transformation in the global corporate travel market. Cirium® has introduced the next generation of user-friendly tools to enable airlines to make better informed decisions more reliably and faster. It is based on the experience of building advanced analytics tools leveraging the largest single source of aviation data in the market, The Cirium Core. In addition to the Nexavia Corporate Contract management system, the Nexavia Suite offers additional tools such as Airline Waivers, Trips and Flight Status available as part of the portfolio.

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NEXAVIA platform

A modern solution to manage corporate relationships

Automation and agility

Manage thousands of corporate contracts in one platform improving efficiency, speed and providing a unified vision for every organization.

Data management at the heart

Data ingestion process that’s simple and quick. Faster access ensuring an effectual and more profitable corporate relationship.

Superior user flexibility

A modern state-of-the-art user experience will delight users at every touchpoint making it easy to import data and analyze performance quickly.

Advanced analytics

Flexible reporting, transparent collaboration between departments, quickly identify contracts requiring attention.

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Transparency throughout the corporate contracting lifecycle is critical

Data access is not timely and often incomplete
“Our data is too old to be actionable and can stop flowing suddenly without warning.”

Inefficient, makeshift processes to address contract lifecycle
“Contract information is often siloed between departments.”

Contracting is a manual and laborious process
“Teams spend too much time on contract version control that is prone to errors and takes far too long.”

Monitoring and tracking fulfilment leaves revenue on the table
“Leaders cannot obtain insights across a portfolio to find opportunities or identify trends.”

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Fly past the competition

Nexavia platform
Incorporate all required customer data, automate contract activation and manage contract performance in one platform.

Trip analytics and waivers
Match travel waivers to flights and passengers for easier processing and tracking. Notify travelers of trip changes and waiver eligibility.

Flight status
Stay ahead of disruption with updates from 35 million flights tracked per year, covering over 97% of scheduled flights worldwide.


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