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Commercial planning

Plan with confidence, minimize risk

Accuracy and timeliness of schedules and connection data

Market intelligence for airline and airport commercial planning

From airports to airlines to travel service companies, Cirium offers the most accurate and precise data and analytics to optimize planning, operations and passenger services. The right intelligence enables planners to predict market shifts, size markets and help respond quickly to changes in market conditions.

Cirium’s broad range of aviation data products and analytics are designed to ensure planners have access to the data they need, on demand or integrated into existing data systems.

Cirium Commercial Planning solutions

Spot trends, determine market size and find service gaps. Use accurate data to create new forecasts and identify service opportunities.

Cirium provides the broadest range of aviation fleet and schedules data products and tools to access them. Manage your investments, or gain an understanding of  how the competition is servicing and responding to the market.

With industry pressures to re-engineer the passenger experience from the inside out, your greatest asset will be the data to feed and equip emerging digital solutions.

Improve decision making with decades of historical data and market analysis. Get alerts to early indicators of disruption and recovery.

Discover new opportunities

Drive actions from market insights powered by the world’s most comprehensive schedules and market share data.

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