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    Our product innovation

    Powering the future of  travel with data intelligence, machine learning and IoT solutions.

    It’s our passion for discovery that sets us apart. Starting in the early days of flight, to today being at the forefront of deploying analytical tools using the latest technologies. We blend datasets in the smartest ways.  

    Travel waiver services to minimize flight disruption

    Airlines issue policy exception waivers for travelers impacted by disruptive events such as labor strikes, natural disasters and technical problems and have for some time used inefficient processes.

    • We questioned this process and looked into fusing airline data with traveler data to get in front of minimizing disruption
    • By collecting airline waivers, normalizing and structuring the data and matching the waiver to trips using our proprietary technology, we can then alert TMCs and travelers to a waiver matching their trip
    • Through a TMC implementing our Travel Waiver Services they saw a 31-35% reduction in total time traveler spends getting assistance, 10% reduction in agent talk time during high demand, 50% decrease in calls to airlines, and 30% reduction in post-call work
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    better support doesnt have to mean higher costs

    Cirium - Travel waiver - analytics, data for the travel industry

    Tracked Utilization to know when, where and how many aircraft are utilized

    We have found that unlocking unique insight into aircraft utilization can avoid businesses operating without comprehensive understanding of utilization patterns, which can lead to financial risk and reduce operational efficiencies and cash flows.

    • Tracked Utilization fuses together our flight schedules, flight activity and global fleet data
    • Providing timely and accurate flight-by flight data. This enables customers to access utilization data when reported utilization is not available, improve invoicing and revenues accuracy, offer services such as line maintenance at the right time/place, identify aircraft operated in adverse environments that accelerate deterioration of parts and more
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    tracks >3 million flights per month covering 97% of scheduled flights

    Airline fair share to inform your competitive strategy

    Are your routes getting their fair share? With our QSI Fair Share premium report, airline network planners, airport air service developers and corporate travel experts can quickly and accurately calculate the gap between expected and actual market share. Using our smart analytics you can study airline market share dynamics and evaluate how an airline is doing in the market.

    • Cirium QSI uses an airline industry methodology called Quality of Service Index or QSI to calculate an airline’s fair share in any given O&D market. Based on a series of complex weighted configurable parameters, QSI 'scores' the airlines’ schedule across a variety of attributes to come up with an expected O&D market share
    • These attributes include non-stop vs, one-stop vs. single- or double-connect service, online vs. interline vs. codeshare connections, airplane size, long or short connect time and circuitry of O&D routing
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    accurately gauges expected market share based on service quality

    Cirium - Airline fair share - analytics, data for the travel industry

    Advanced use of machine learning for predicting travel experience

    Want to provide more accurate information on future flights for travelers? Travel companies such as online travel agents, metasearch and search engine companies can predict experience of future flights including seating totals by class, seat pitches, Wi-Fi availability or in-seat power capabilities, plus in-flight entertainment options.

    • We fuse three unique data sets – aircraft tracking, schedules and fleet data – to deliver predictive analytics
    • Radical new approach to improving customer service, gaining granularity and accuracy of forward looking schedules, predicting down to a configuration of aircraft sub-type level
    • Helps to de-commoditize the travel booking system and increases speed-to-book
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    predicts amenities on-board every single commercial flight worldwide

    100 years of innovation

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    Our innovation is driven by the hundreds of data scientists, analysts, engineers and market experts in our business. We believe in our people.

    Our data science

    We have built a data lake of the world’s leading data sets – some proprietary and some contributory through trusted partnerships. We believe the value is in the data.

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