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June 2022 Slot Conference — Schedulers’ Calendar

June 14, 2022

The 2022-2023 IATA Slot Schedulers’ calendar is now available for the 150th Slot Conference in Seattle.

The 2022-2023 IATA Slot Schedulers’ calendar is now available. If you can’t make it to the 150th Slot Conference in Seattle, you can download, print and attach the calendar to your monitor.

If you will be attending, come by the Cirium booth, pick up a calendar and learn more about Cirium’s data supplier program or check out the latest tools to help make planning and scheduling easier for both airlines and airports.

Share your schedule data with Cirium

Cirium reaches the largest selection of global search engines, third-party travel websites, mobile travel applications, digital signage and more. By sharing data with Cirium, airlines maximize the reach of their flight schedules and lower customer support and communication costs. Our data supply experts will be at the IATA Slot Conference in Seattle to answer any questions, or learn more on the web page.

Where to go for Schedule Intelligence?

The Cirium Core contains the most complete set of airlines schedules, covering 99.6% of all passenger scheduled available seat kilometers (ASKs) and more than  90 million online and interline connections covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide.

Airline Schedule APIs
Easy to use APIs for integration into enterprise tools.

Diio is the industry’s most complete view into schedules and routes and the tools to identify new revenue opportunities.

Diio Schedule Snapshot
Compare schedule changes over time.

Diio Traffic and Fares
Discover new revenue opportunities and create accurate route forecasts with global passenger traffic and fare data.

SRS Analyzer
Easy access to global schedules. See the routes and aircraft competitors are flying.

Traveler search data
3Victors Demand View is offered by Cirium to help airports and DMOs predict traveler behavior and optimize tourism marketing.

Contact Cirium for more information on any Schedules and Routes products or data.

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