Intelligent commercial planning

Cirium Diio covers more than 99% of worldwide airline schedules going back 20 years and looking forward 11 months. With Diio, formerly Diio Mi, track flight frequencies by airlines and alliances, airports and airport-city markets, country and region.

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Market intelligence for airline and airport commercial planning

Research markets faster

Track schedules and research existing or target markets from a simple and intuitive online interface.

Plan with confidence

Calculate passenger volume and revenue by route and identify risks and opportunities for growth.

Negotiate routes

Monitor route performance to develop a compelling pitch for new air services. Make critical decisions on expanding, reducing or stopping services in certain markets.

Analyze demand

Global demand-based traffic data is available as an add-on to provide a more complete picture of both supply and demand.

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Faster answers…

  • Comprehensive airline schedules looking forward (11 months) and backward (2003), for 99% of the global market
  • Seat capacity by aircraft and flight
  • Cabin class by aircraft and flight
  • Available seat miles/available seat kilometers (ASMs, ASKs).
  • Aircraft manufacturer, aircraft class, aircraft type and configuration
  • Passenger demand, fare data and much more

…for commercial planning

  • Review global schedules looking forward and backward for more than 97% of the global commercial flights.
  • Analyze fare and load factor data for US flights.
  • Get fare, market demographic data, catchment details and more for most commercial airports.
  • Analyze different route options with QSI forecasting for optimal revenue and profitability at a global or domestic level.
  • Understand competitor fleets and where and what equipment is being used.
  • Track fares and passenger revenue by origins and destinations to help plan routes and adjust schedules.

How Diio works

  • The long-time recognized leading schedules product in the USA is now available for APAC and EMEA markets.
  • Worldwide schedule data, both historical (20 years) and future (11 months) is updated weekly. This includes US Department of Transportation (DOT) traffic, fare, load factor, financial and on-time performance data.
  • Predefined reports provide many varied views of schedules data.
  • Both high-level yearly, quarterly or monthly summaries, and detailed weekly and daily operation views.
  • Dynamic table allows users to define their own custom reports.
  • Mapping utility feature draws basic route map easily.
  • Schedule .XLS or .CSV reports to run in background for delivery by email on your frequency and timing.

Demand-based FM Traffic data is now available world-wide

  • Companies can get the full picture of supply and demand insights to forecast resource needs, anticipate traveler demand and build more complete aviation development pitches.
  • FM Traffic and Fares data reporting can be configured via the online analytics tools within Diio and SRS Analyzer.
  • Cirium enhanced point of sale and point of origin detail

    FM Traffic and Fares data is not available for sale as a stand-alone item.

Traffic data is created using a multiple schedule, traffic, and fare input sources and a suite of statistical models to create accurate worldwide passenger demand and fares. FM Traffic data is a historical estimate, includes passenger itinerary (origin, destination, connections) and airline (operating and marketing) detail.

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