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Top 10 most popular topics affecting the aviation industry

February 21, 2020

This top ten chart is based on the number of YouTube views each expert view video has received. Cirium’s team […]

This top ten chart is based on the number of YouTube views each expert view video has received. Cirium’s team of experts collate and comment on the industry based on the fleets, schedules, aviation asset values and flight status data and analytics from Cirium.

10. A320neo engine outlook (August 2019)
To start the chart off we have our 10th most popular video, a review of the A320neo engine market. Lionel Olanga provides an update on the current firm orders for the A320neo programme and explores the current engine market share between CFM’s Leap-1A and Pratt & Whitney GTF engine.

9.  2019 trends in the Asia-Pacific aviation market (May 2019)

An expert view video filmed at Cirium’s Shanghai briefing in May of 2019, Joanna Lu explores ASK, seat growth, route developments and capacity growth in APAC.

8.  Chinese lessors at the next stage of flight –  (May 2019)

The 2nd video to make our top 10 from the May Shanghai market update, Thomas Kaplan provides an update on the status of Chinese lessors who currently own 1/8 of the global fleet.

7.  How wet leased aircraft have impacted an airline operation (August 2019)

The 1st video in the top 10 that links to the grounding of the 737 Max. In this overview Andrew Doyle provides air-frame utilization analysis on Norwegian’s decision to utilize wet leased aircraft to help keep their schedule flying.

6.  Impact of the 737 Max grounding had on an airline operations (June 2019)

A similar theme to number 7 in our list but in this video, Andrew Doyles shines the spotlight on the operations of American Airlines high density route between Miami International Airport to La Guardia in New York. A route that was popular with the 737 MAX, through using Cirium hours and cycles data we can see which aircraft have fulfilled these routes.

5.  Impact of Coronavirus on airline operations (February 2020)

In 2020 the world was struck by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Many flights have been cancelled, either by the airlines themselves, or as a result of authorities closing airports or routes. We look at the extent of the cancellations and what it might mean for global aviation.

4.  Airline failures – where are they now? (May 2019)

In 2019, there were multiple airline failures that affected the aviation and travel industry.  In this expert view video Richard Evans provides an overview the location and movement of aircraft, operated by Monarch, Air Berlin, Primera Air, Germania, WOW, and Jet Airways.

3.  What we know about the 737 Max grounding today? (August 2019)

In third place is an expert view video that was recorded in August 2019. Rob Morris, provides an update on the actions of the 53 airlines affected by the MAX grounding, focusing on how they are trying to mitigate operational disruption by introducing new aircraft to meet their schedule demands. Plus, he discusses the impact on the OEM production cycle and the current situation around the 737 MAX backlog.

2. A tale of two routes between the 787 and A350 (June 2019)

The 2nd most popular video focuses on two competing widebody aircraft types, the A350 and 787. Henk Ombelet discusses fleet figures, the number and length of routes flown by airlines using A350 or 787 types and introduces analysis on the impact of long haul low cost airlines using these aircraft.

1.  Will Boeing cancel the 737? (February 2020)
The most popular video talks about a subject that has been dominating the headlines for the past 12 months. In this expert view video, Rob Morris provides an analysis on the 737 MAX based on the facts and figures available to us at the moment.

About Cirium’s market experts

The award winning consultancy arm of Cirium, known as Ascend by Cirium has been advising organisations across the aviation landscape for over a decade. The team uses Cirium’s wide portfolio of data solutions to ensure all of their clients receive the most up-to-date information.  Learn more about the people in our consultancy team here. 

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