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July 25, 2019

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Robyn Grassanovits on dominant topics at GBTA 2019

July 22, 2019

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The smarter way to access global aviation fleet data

July 17, 2019

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How to integrate essential industry data into the traveler journey

July 15, 2019

When building products and services for the traveler, you design with the goal of meeting all of a traveler’s expectations.…

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7 key benefits of smarter aircraft values data

July 10, 2019

For NBFIs, banks and lessors, successful risk management of aviation assets requires access to quick and intelligent aircraft values data.…

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Does your data strategy cover 6 realms of relevancy?

July 09, 2019

The 6 Realms of Relevancy is a path to creating relevant interactions with your travelers by getting the most from…

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June 2019 Airline On-time Performance

July 06, 2019

The passenger experience is fast becoming a key improvement area for airlines and being on time is a critical contributor…

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First flight vs delivery date: a new winner for year of build

July 05, 2019

Ascend by Cirium has made the decision to change the year of build methodology from first flight to delivery date,…

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Base value forecast for single-aisles and regional jets

July 04, 2019

There have been relatively few changes to Base Values for most core aircraft types. This is aided by the fact…

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Lease rate compression for new generation single-aisles

June 27, 2019

Following the ISTAT Americas conference in Orlando and much discussion revolving around the compression of lease rates, particularly on the…

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Why relevancy improves traveler experience

June 26, 2019

As all travel professionals know, meeting traveler expectations is key to securing high levels of satisfaction, but tactics designed to…

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