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Historical fleet data for smarter aviation investments

September 5, 2019

When it comes to investing in aviation assets, the clock is always ticking. At Cirium, we understand that the smartest […]

When it comes to investing in aviation assets, the clock is always ticking. At Cirium, we understand that the smartest forward-thinking strategies demand that we also look back in time. We know that you need to know the aviation market trends and fluctuations of the past to not only add qualitative weight to real-time data but also to plot your next best move. Small wonder then that comprehensive historical fleet data you can rely on is worth its weight in gold.

So, how do you know when an aviation asset is a safe longer-term bet or fast approaching its sell-by date? To know this, you need to know the historical valuation of the type of aircraft, helicopter, business jet or engine; the relationship between market spot values and model values over a period, and the resilience of values over time.

For aviation finance pros not already in the loop, it’s time to check out Cirium Values Time Series – the historical aircraft values data resource covering commercial jets, helicopters, business jets and engines that’s designed to help you raise your game.

Why invest in Cirium Values Time Series?

Our data fuses the past and the present to predict the future. Imagine that. Cirium Values Time Series empowers you to manage your strategic planning with confidence by analyzing the behaviour of historical aircraft values, and to present compelling evidence when advising stakeholders on investing in aviation assets. You can also ensure your plan is secure by inputting robust data into risk models to understand the behaviour trends of aircraft over multiple years. All in one easy to use dashboard. What’s not to love?

The five key business benefits

  1. Get the full inside story – by accessing reliable historical values of the global fleet
  2. Drill down into details – for a deep understanding of aircraft values behaviour by asset type
  3. Understand the market – with the ability to analyze the volatility and depreciation of all aviation assets
  4. Be a trusted advisor – by conducting trend analysis on the behaviour of aircraft values over a long historical period
  5. Mitigate risk – with a proven track record in making smart decisions led by credible and up-to-date information

What is a Values Time Series?

Quite simply, it’s an easy way to understand changes in values over the past 50 years by aircraft or engine type. We’ve sliced this data to cover three key bases.  Here’s your checklist…

Generic Values Time Series:

  • Base specification, including maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) and type of engine on wing
  • Historical, current and future values
  • Market Values, Market Lease Rates, Half-Life, Full-Life, Base Values, Base Lease Rates and Soft Market Values

Specification adjusted Values Time Series:

  • Higher or lower certified MTOW or different engine variants
  • Specific modifications – winglets, sharklets, crew rest areas all have different adjuster value points

Modifications apply for historical, current and future by types and variants.

Retrospective forecast Values Time Series:

  • Historical forecasted values to provide a comparison vs. today’s values
  • Generic or specification adjusted values available

How to get plugged in

Cirium Values Time Series are available as a data solution on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Many leading brands stay way ahead of the curve by combining Values Time Series with Cirium’s Asset Market Commentaries, Asset Risk Ratings, Values Analyzer and Fleets Analyzer for an even deeper contextual view of the market.

For further details of Cirium Values Time Series, and how we can tailor the right historical fleet data product to your needs,  contact us and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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