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The smarter way to access global aviation fleet data

July 17, 2019

As every aviation professional knows, keeping an accurate track and understanding of the movements and changes in the global aviation […]

As every aviation professional knows, keeping an accurate track and understanding of the movements and changes in the global aviation fleet is no small task. It’s vast, complex and fast-paced – the smallest shifts can have a domino effect across the industry, making access to real-time aircraft fleet data the game changer that separates the winners from the laggards.

The trouble is that much of the aviation fleet data available in today’s market only delivers insights into specific elements, requiring multiple data sources to build the full picture. This can leave you with incompatible data sets to contend with, and data that’s long out of date.

Smart data is single source

When it comes to developing competitive strategies the smart money’s on getting reliable fleets data through a single source – pure and simple.

If you’re developing an aircraft maintenance forecast or assessing the aircraft aftermarket, your ability to explore better commercial opportunities depends on the quality and detail of the information you analyze. Obviously. Multi-source data research is not only a complex, time wasting and ultimately expensive process, it also puts you at very real risk of using scattered, unreliable information for your strategic decision-making. And who wants to find themselves in that position?

Small wonder then that Cirium Fleets Analyzer, the single source data solution designed to address and solve this problem, has been adopted by so many leading brands in the aviation industry.

There’s more good news: equipping your organization with a market-leading fleets database that enables efficient, high-quality research and in-depth analysis across your organization is more accessible and affordable than you think.

How Cirium Fleets Analyzer works

An online tool that provides the most up-to-date access to Cirium’s integrated fleets database, Fleets Analyzer, is highly intuitive, flexible and equipped with a simple user interface. It’s designed with great user experience in mind, enabling you to quickly locate and extract detailed information on specific aircraft, entire fleets and industry trends as part of your everyday workflow. Reassuring, right?

Key aircraft fleet data at a glance

Why settle for a partial view when you can get the full aviation fleet data picture? Here’s the access you’ll get by global fleet numbers and types of aircraft:

  • Unique aircraft: 390,374 – that’s everything ever built or to be built.
  • Commercial: 114,594
  • Helicopters: 123,443
  • Business: 53,255
  • Military: 72,038
  • Utility Transport: 30,108

The inside story

You can plan and successfully mitigate risk when you’ve got the inside track. Our online tools give you the latest aircraft interiors information. You’ll also want to get the lowdown on aircraft maintenance suppliers and keep a close eye on maintenance contracts. Cirium Fleets Analyzer also enables you to run and view C Checks, Heavy Checks, A Checks, B Checks, components, landing gear, strip/paint, composites, wheels, tyres, brakes, Engine / APU and engine components.

Five business benefits

With Cirium Fleets Analyzer in your aircraft fleet data arsenal, you can:

  1. Research faster – access a reliable source of fleet data to support market analysis and new business cases.
  2. Conduct market analysis with confidence by segmenting in-service global fleet figures across commercial, helicopters, business and military jets.
  3. Build a strategic plan that presents a comprehensive trend analysis of orders, deliveries, retirements and cancellations by aircraft type.
  4. Understand the full life cycle of an aviation asset by accessing ownership, utilisation, maintenance, interiors information by individual MSN.
  5. Impress customers and prospects with your knowledge of global fleet trends and opportunities.

We work with top brands including Mitsubishi and OGMA and help top OEMs, MROs, aircraft lessors, insurers, and airports to substantially improve their strategic capabilities.

For further details of Cirium Fleets Analyzer for the global aviation fleet, contact us and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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