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Explore the new Cirium Developer Studio

April 27, 2022

Cirium Developer Studio is the gateway to working with Cirium APIs and includes extensive documentation, showcase articles and API References.

Cirium APIs power today’s most popular travel applications. They are a key element of hundreds of digital transformation projects around the world. They supply critical aviation systems with highly accurate and reliable data for decision making, notifications, planning and operations.

This week Cirium launches a new Cirium Developer Studio. The Cirium Developer Studio serves as a gateway to Cirium APIs, providing detailed documentation for business managers and developers and helping them identify the right solution for their applications and systems.

Get your projects started

The Developer Studio is designed to help identify the best API for solving communication and business problems.

  • Explore use cases and understand how Cirium data sets can solve common problems
  • Brief developers, project managers and IT leaders on Cirium solutions
  • Learn the differences between the different API platforms
  • Match APIs to business needs
  • Study detailed documentation
  • Generate sample code through the API Explorer

The developer studio is intended to bring technical leaders, project managers and business decision makers together to provide a single understanding of what is possible.

Cirium APIs

Cirium aviation data is available in user-friendly web applications, downloadable files, Tableau workbooks and highly-reliable APIs.

Sample APIs
Global and regional flight schedules Access the industry’s most comprehensive source APIs for schedules and connections.  

Flight status Access current flight information, including actual departure/arrival times, delay calculations, gate and baggage carousel.  

Flight Tracking Information on an active flight, including position (latitude/longitude), altitude, bearing, speed and route. Both ASDI and ADS-B data available.  

Weather METAR, SIGMETS, TAF (terminal aerodrome/area forecast), and Zone Forecasts are included. We enrich these reports with tag annotations identifying prevailing conditions and notable hazards that may impact aviation.
Flights Alerts The Flight Alerts API offers push-based alerting of flight status information. Alerts are based on flight segments and can be triggered on a variety of conditions and status changes.  

Fleet inventories Cirium supplies the most complete fleets data in the industry, covering ownership information, aircraft types, hours and cycles, seat capacity, aircraft interiors, MRO contracts and lease-end dates.

NOTAMs Cirium processes traditional text-heavy human-readable notice to airmen (NOTAM) data and converts it into a structured machine-readable API format.    

Explore the new Cirium Developer Studio or contact Cirium API experts to arrange a consultation. Help speed your next project by sharing the Cirium Developer Studio with your organization’s technology leaders.

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