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Cirium Views

Instant access to the most comprehensive aviation and travel data from The Cirium Core™.

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The Cirium Views portfolio provides instant access to The Cirium Core™ data sets – the most complete fleet, schedule, fares, traffic, route and valuation information and analysis via convenient and easy web interfaces.

With Cirium Views, just log on to the preferred analytics tool and access everything needed for planning and problem solving. Apply data from more than 900 airlines, 17,000 airports, 120,000 helicopters and 114,000 commercial aircraft to enterprise-level decision making.

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Cirium Views portfolio

Diio Mi™ brings together schedules, fares and traffic data into a single online market intelligence toolset used extensively by airlines and airports.

SRS Analyzer™
Access Schedule Reference Service data for worldwide airline passenger traffic and use it to analyze routes, spot trends or plan for capacity.

Fleets Analyzer
Find detailed equipment information in Cirium’s integrated fleets database through a simple user interface that makes it easy to quickly locate and extract detailed information on specific aircraft, entire fleets and industry trends.

Values Analyzer™
Answer questions about current and future value of aviation assets in seconds. “What is the current value of an aircraft?”, “What market factors are likely to affect it?” and “What is the liquidity of a piece of equipment?”

Cirium Dashboard™
The most powerful tool for tracking fleets and trends in the industry. A single source of aviation news, fleet data and analysis and aerospace insights in one easy-to-customize view.

Proactive Services
Tools for improving customer service and working with travelers.

Cirium Insights
Specialty Tableau workbooks to help analyze a specific data set or industry topic.

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