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Enterprise-ready aviation data

Aviation and air travel data for enterprise applications, information systems and traveler apps, available from The Cirium Core.

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Aviation data for download

Get exactly the data you need, when you need it. With Cirium Direct, we provide a variety of methods for downloading aviation’s largest and most reliable data sets.

With more than 30 packages to choose from in thousands of combinations, Cirium engineers can help you identify the right information and tailor the data to fit your needs.

Train AI systems with current and historical data

Applications and systems become smarter with Cirium data. Detailed historical data prepared, normalized and packaged for easy data consumption provides the foundation for machine learning systems. Coupled with real-time data, you can build dependable predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions with an incredibly high degree of accuracy.

Cirium Connect APIs provides much of the same data, but in flexible REST and streaming formats.

Cirium APIs vs Cirium Direct

Cirium Connect and Cirium Direct provide access to much the same data. Cirium Connect provides APIs for realtime data exchange. Cirium Direct provides data in the format you need for a one time or reoccurring download.

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