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Delivering the most-trusted flight status, where it is needed

July 13, 2022

Cirium Flight status APIs deliver critical information about flights.

During a trip, an individual passenger may access flight information numerous times: trip duration, boarding times and checking for delays are just a few examples. They may also be interested in the kind of aircraft they are flying on, the gate at which it will arrive or even in the baggage carousel. Accurate and timely data helps guarantee an excellent passenger experience regardless of how frequently one may fly.

Just as passengers want friction-free access to data, businesses require flight data to provide services, including knowing where a cargo shipment is, making sure catering is delivered to the right plane, getting fuel trucks to the gate in an optimal time and even ensuring a gate is clear for the next inbound aircraft.

Cirium Flight status APIs deliver critical information about flights. They are used to power today’s most popular travel applications, search engines, digital signage, Flight Information Displays (FIDS), passenger alerts and more.

APIs make it simple to power applications. They allow real-time access to the most up-to-date data and the capacity to simply sort and structure the data in the formats suitable for use. Our APIs enhance products which further drive customer service, increase website traffic, generate greater sales and improve operational efficiencies.

Making the difference: Cirium data and the Cirium Core

The backbone of Cirium APIs is the Cirium Core – the world’s largest repository of aviation data and analytics. Unlike other aviation data providers, the Cirium Core ingests data from airlines, airports, government, ADS-B satellite tracking and hundreds of additional sources where it is curated and transformed for real-time use. The Cirium Core on any given day manages over 300 terabytes of data from 2,000 data sources, covering 970 airlines, 17,000 airports, 300 unique aircraft types, 400,000 aircraft representing millions of change events which ensures accuracy and reliability.

Cirium flight status APIs

Cirium APIs were designed for ease of use and offers multiple levels of flexibility. For example, customer can utilize three flavors of the API. The Flight Status by Flight returns details about a single flight whereas by Airport and Route return multiple flights in a single request. This API also offers 9 different language options to meet localization needs. Additionally, it supports both XML and JSON output formats.

A further differentiator with this API is that the query results not only provide a comprehensive list but also a trove of valuable information about the flight(s) and over 150 data elements/attributes such as:

  • Current flight information, including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure/arrival times
  • Equipment type and tail number
  • Codeshare information
  • Delay calculations
  • Departure and arrival terminal and gates
  • Baggage carousel number
  • Diversion and recovery details

Cirium API customers

Cirium APIs are designed to be reliable and accurate, ensuring they’re appropriate for mission-critical applications. Customers range from Travel Technology companies, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to hotels and ground transportation services.

Cirium data is essential for our app to deliver key value. Our goal is to deliver real-time flight updates and have the best coverage worldwide. Cirium has been instrumental in achieving both these things.

Bayram Annakov, CEO of App in the Air in a recent conversation about removing information friction.

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Try Cirium Flight Status APIs risk-free

Learn more about Cirium APIs including the flight status schema, sample implementations and use cases in the Cirium Developer Studio. You can register for a free trial to become familiar with the structure and test integration into your application.

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