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7 free aviation industry data resources by Cirium, for 2021

February 1, 2021

We are committed to creating and sharing free aviation industry data resources designed to help airlines, airports, lessors, OEMS and financiers navigate this turbulent time and emerge stronger.

“At Cirium, we’re committed to help the airline industry during this challenging time, not only with the tools and solutions that we provide to our clients but also by regularly sharing some of the insights we see within the data analysis we carry out.” Jeremy Bowen, CEO, Cirium.

At Cirium, our ethos has always been to work in partnership with professionals across the aviation industry and wider supply chain. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have increased our commitment to creating and sharing free aviation industry data resources designed to help airlines, airports, lessors, OEMS and financiers navigate this turbulent time and emerge stronger.

Check out the latest insights, data, analysis and reports by Cirium’s world-leading team of experts – they’re free to read, view and download…

  1. COVID-19 Weekly Updates

    Since the beginning of the pandemic back in March 2020, the Ascend by Cirium and Market Development teams have been publishing regular updates to share latest data and insights on the impact of COVID-19 – covering key issues from supply and demand to market values and lease rates. These include global and domestic passenger jet flight activity, latest data on the global passenger jet fleet in storage and inventory for specific airlines.

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  2. Research and reports

    To provide access to in-depth analysis on key topics, news and trends to all professionals in the aviation industry as well as our customers, the Cirium website features a comprehensive selection of our latest research and reports which are free to download. Latest resources include Cirium’s highly respected annual review, Cirium Airline Insights Review 2020 – including The On-Time Performance Review 2020.

    View and download free reports

  3. Thought Cloud blog —data analyses and expert views

    In addition to showcasing latest data, our thought leadership articles and ebooks published on our Thought Cloud blog present expert analysis by our team of data scientists and the Ascend by Cirium team, including updates on global aviation recovery scenarios by Rob Morris, Head of Consultancy.  Covering all sectors of the aviation industry, our content provides valuable insights on airline and airport operations, finance and the traveler experience. Latest posts include “Cabin cargo, a bright spot” by James Mellon, senior aviation data research analyst for interiors and passenger experience at Cirium, “Greener on the other side — aviation sustainability trends” by Andrew Doyle, Senior Director, Market Development and  2021: 7 key trends for air transport to recover, return stronger and accelerate digital transformation by Cirium’s CEO, Jeremy Bowen.

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  4. Fleet Forecast Report

    The Cirium Fleet Forecast 2020-2039 is an independent outlook of the global passenger and freighter market for the next 20 years. Key topics include fleet growth forecast, value of the future fleet and detailed market share analysis to help predict the future passenger fleet by type and by region — and mitigate risk with data-driven insights and actions. You’ll also get insightful details on the growth of the freighter market.

    Download the free executive summary

  5. Events

    We’re proud of our track record in hosting a regular series of high calibre webinars to present our analysis and to facilitate panel discussions with some of our biggest clients and presenters from across the industry. Our webinars scheduled for the coming months will continue to provide an invaluable platform for thought leadership as we continue to navigate the route to aviation industry recovery together.

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  6. Cirium Help Desk

    At Cirium, we have a global team of experts who are dedicated to delivering fast, consistent, and transparent customer support. We have a thousand FAQs to provide high quality, in-depth explanations. If you don’t find what you need in our knowledge base, you can submit a support ticket to contact an expert. Our Help Desk has high customer satisfaction ratings. We also offer a status page for our products that displays the status of critical Cirium systems. Cirium cares about our customers and we endeavor to help them get the most value out of our data services.

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  7. Cirium Ideas

    Cirium Ideas is home to an interactive series designed to share innovations in aviation data. Interact with Cirium’s data and analytics – covering global fleets, airline schedules, aviation asset values and flight status.

    No longer available.
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