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10 reasons to vote Cirium Appraiser of the Year 2020

November 19, 2019

2019 has proven to be a record year of achievements for our consultancy services. Ascend by Cirium was awarded Airline Economics Aviation […]

2019 has proven to be a record year of achievements for our consultancy services. Ascend by Cirium was awarded Airline Economics Aviation 100 “Appraiser of the Year” for the seventh time in 2019, and we also became the joint largest team of ISTAT certified appraisers globally. And even before the year draws to a close, we’ve already got the Appraiser of the Year 2020 award in our sights…

As professionals working in the aviation industry know, the nominations for the highly-coveted Aviation 100 Appraiser of The Year Awards 2020 have been announced – and Cirium and other shortlisted competitors have begun the race to secure the most votes.

More than 10,000 industry peers from airline, banking, leasing and engine-brokerage sectors take part in the vote to name the winning Appraiser of the Year. The team also has an American Society Of Appraisers (ASA) Senior Appraiser in the team. Judging criteria include the number of clients that appraisers have handled, the brand’s number of offices and employees, turnover in the past 12 months, and its aircraft type specialism.

Whilst we have the numbers to impress on all the counts above, it’s our personal touch and genuine expertise that makes Cirium the world’s leading team of appraisers. Check out ten good reasons why we deserve to win your vote…

Sector expertise and experience – it really matters

Unlike many startups and new players on the block, we’ve got the track record and the mileage that discerning customers want to see as the true hallmarks of success. We’ve always been pure-play aviation specialists and our brand has been the most respected go-to expert appraiser for more than 30 years.

Ascend by Cirium is a global team of analysts and consultants. We’ve achieved international recognition for delivering the most powerful analysis, commentaries and projections to airlines, aircraft build and maintenance companies, financial institutions, insurers and non-banking financiers. The team has been recognized as the Appraiser of the Year – an Aviation 100 Award – for the seventh time in nine years.

We have the most ISTAT appraisers

As the world’s leading provider, we have the reach and resources to match. Ascend by Cirium is a dynamic operation with smart infrastructure to make sure we can always meet demand. Our seven highly qualified appraisers, all of whom are fully accredited by ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading), operate in /countries worldwide.  We’re very proud to work with ISTAT: this respected organisation excels at setting the highest standards in the appraiser profession within aviation. In May of this year, when the global fleet had grown to 29,000 aircraft, we invested in further team expansion to support demand for aircraft finance and investment. Our reputation in the industry also makes us the brand that the most talented candidates want to work for, ensuring we attract the cream of the crop.

Our fleets database is first class

There’s nothing we don’t know about the global fleet. Our fleets analyser travel data and portfolio of analytics solutions provide information on:

  • In service, on order and in storage aircraft figures by MSN
  • 50 years of historical aircraft events
  • Aircraft maintenance contracts
  • Airframe hours and cycles data
  • Seat and IFEC OEM providers
  • Aircraft lease-end dates
  • Projection and trend analysis by airline
  • Online aviation market news and updates
  • Financial data for every commercial airline

We go back to the future

No other brand can match our extensive historical fleet data records. In addition to the most comprehensive and reliable real-time data, we also offer the most comprehensive archive of fleet data (since 1947) and flight history data (since 2005).

Our people

We are a team of dedicated aviation professionals with more than 250 years’ combined experience in the industry. We all share a genuine passion for aviation and have established an inspiring and highly collaborative working environment. Attention to detail is vitally important to us and a desire to know more about the industry keeps ensuring our team delivers the highest standard of work.

Maintaining trust and accuracy is our priority

We’ve built our reputation on it. Our appraisers are empowered to not only provide an impartial opinion of the value of aircraft around the world, but also base their opinions on the most trusted and accurate travel data in the entire travel industry. We access and thoroughly analyse the most comprehensive fleet data, detailed assessments of aircraft and current market value, and development of residual forecasts and future value analysis.

We have appointed values review boards

We’ve established individual value review boards for commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and engines. The review boards comprise teams of highly-respected aviation experts who meet twice per month to share their knowledge and provide a benchmark for quality control. The board members submit their views, which are debated before any decisions are made. These processes provide a high level of accountability and excellence for our values.

Popular aircraft, such as the 737 and A320, are also regularly reviewed, and the team conducts ad-hoc reviews if market intelligence shows an aircraft has traded at considerably above or below our market value.

Our values research is closely calibrated to actual trading data

Our global team can capture very diverse sets of data points. In 2018, we captured more than 1600 lines of data, including aircraft and lease transactions, maintenance costs and interior refurbishment costs, which all help to determine an aircraft’s value. We captured 15% of all aircraft that were sold in the market, or a sales price of these aircraft. Considering the number of aircraft that are being traded annually, this is seriously impressive.

Our customer base is diverse

It embraces leasing companies, banks, hedge funds, airlines, airports, manufacturers, and governments. Financial organisations around the world rely on our values and appraiser services, and our stamp of approval is required by many leading banks for market transactions. The world’s leading financiers consider benchmarking and understanding the value and lease rate of an aircraft as critical to ensuring they’re trading with confidence.

We provide presentations and training

We deliver industry leading insights to clients on a bespoke basis, helping OEMs, airlines, airports and financial institutions successfully implement their strategy. We also provide regular updates

on key developments in the industry, including the 737 MAX, Rolls Royce Trent 1000 issues and OEM production backlog – along with values and lease rate updates to show any changes that have affected a specific aviation asset.

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The results will be announced at the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 Conference.

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