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Working with Governments

Schedules, fleets and flight status data to protect, empower and educate your nation

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SRS Analyzer

Protect against illegal movements with airline schedules

Monitor and compare movements across the global fleet by evaluating flight frequencies, flight seat availability, and ASKs based on the most recent, historical (16 years) and future (11 months) flight schedules data.

Track any flight in your airspace by MSN

Analyze and segment flights relevant to you by arrival and departure time from a possible total of 3.3 million a month, sourced from a database that aggregates and validates information from over 500 sources of real-time flight status information.

Research any airline or aircraft with confidence

View details on ownership, manager and operator by airline and MSN with a 24-hour news interface included so that you and your colleagues have one source of the truth and never miss a major development within the industry.

Achieve your full potential with the number one big data and analytics company in the airline industry

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