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The engine race is on for the A320neo

August 5, 2019

As we progress through the second half of the year and another Paris Air show complete. It’s a great time […]

As we progress through the second half of the year and another Paris Air show complete. It’s a great time to look at the A320Neo engine OEM market share.

A320neo buyers picked CFM’s Leap-1A to power 3010 aircraft while Pratt’s GTF was the choice on 1932 aircraft, with the remainder of 1654 orders still unannounced. Of the selected engine orders, the Leap got the better of its rival in Paris by winning the blockbuster IndiGo deal worth $20 billion, an expected but nevertheless significant decision by the Indian airline. IndiGo had been a launch customer for the GTF, making its Leap order a particularly tough blow for Pratt.

In 2018 Cirium conducted airframe analysis on the in-service A320neo Indigo fleet, there were 39,260 flights on 173 airport pairs by 35 A320neos between 1st January and 30th June 2018. The top airport pair was Bengaluru – Delhi that saw 1,739 flights. The second most frequent route was from Bengaluru to Mumbai with 1,595 flights. In third place was Mumbai – Delhi with 1,042 flights. These pairings are not surprising for their frequency levels as each airport is a major hub within the country and all attract annually over 20 million passenger movements.

The longest route that the Indigo A320neo is being used for is Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram (2,223km). The shortest route is a short hop between Amritsar and Jammu totalling 108km. The mean ground time between flights for the Indigo Neo fleet was 1.71 hours, comparatively less than the SAS A320neo fleet that has a mean turnaround of 2.96 hours. Please note these airlines do operate on different routes and markets. Although, using Tracked Utilization data, we can contrast utilization for airlines or regions of your choice.

Looking at the Engine orders across the world, it is evident that CFMs Leap 1-A continues to be dominate and will be in a commanding position for the few years. However, Pratt still have chance to close the gap by winning the remaining unannounced orders.

The two aircraft engine makers have successfully accelerated production in recent months, though they are still battling with supply-chain stress and initial entry into service issues it would be interesting to revisit the market at a later stage in the  future.

Watch as Cirium’s Lionel Olonga provides an update on the A320neo market share race:

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