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August 7, 2019

There’s no denying price is a critical factor for consumers when choosing an airline, but the quality of the inflight […]

There’s no denying price is a critical factor for consumers when choosing an airline, but the quality of the inflight experience, plays an increasingly important role today. The quality of food, in-flight entertainment, access to wi-fi, and exact leg room they’ll get for their spend, are all factors which contribute to customer expectations and appraisal of the overall travel experience.

What are customers searching for prior to booking a flight? Easy price comparison, fewest number of connections when possible, but also hard facts and the latest information about onboard amenities in order to make an informed choice.  In short, they want to feel in control by selecting the best flight experience possible based upon their personal preferences.

The latest proprietary dataset by Cirium, Cirium Flight Features has streamlined all the inflight amenities’ data you need into an easy-to-access format.

While it is already possible to provide a feed to display amenities on a flight, Cirium is predicting available flight amenities with great accuracy, based on the years of historical data we have been collecting. Exciting, right?

How Cirium Flight Features works

Flight Features looks at real time and historical flight schedule data (back to 2005) and fuses it with historical fleet data and our proprietary Tracked Utilization data portfolio, to accurately predict the likely amenities available on a specific flight up to three months into the future. Our airline data and predictive analytics includes more than 5,000 aircraft configurations. It’s simply the most intelligent way to help you present a more complete view of all flight options so travelers make more informed decisions.

Because when they can see the seat capacity by cabin class of a particular aircraft, along with the seat pitch and details of wi-fi, in-seat power supply and in-flight entertainment, you’re giving customers more personalized value.

Making every customer a VIP

As all TMCs and business travel operators know, the ability to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction – and keep it high – is integral to building your reputation and generating high volumes of repeat business. We designed Cirium Flight Features to give you the tools you need to show your customers that your services put them in control. All via one smart data feed that you can customize for your own products and interfaces.

All online shopping experiences, for airlines, OTAs or via corporate booking tools, can benefit from offering that traveler new ways to filter and search based on preferences that matter most to them.

The key benefits for your business

  • A USP to shout about: you can differentiate your service by allowing customers to control their experiences
  • Fast track conversion rates: enhance search capabilities and increase speed to market
  • Drive customer loyalty: offering travelers more choice and empowering them to anticipate their experience will leave them feeling more satisfied with your service
  • Offer new merchandising options: highlight or feature inflight amenities by airline brand and drive more bookings on specific airlines to meet negotiated airline agreements
  • Get to know your customers better: develop insights into traveler preferences

Ready to discover how Cirium Flight Features can help give your business the competitive edge?

For further information about how Cirium’s smart data and analytics solutions help businesses transform the travel experience, contact us here, or read more articles like this.

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