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on the fly: Argentina’s Largest International Airline Markets

September 5, 2023

An analysis of Argentina’s busiest airline markets.

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Argentina’s Largest International Airline Markets


Argentina’s airline market has attracted the interest of several foreign airlines over the years. LATAM, American, Iberia, and Norwegian are examples of airlines that invested there at one point. It’s a challenging market though, because of factors ranging from geography to currency volatility. All four of the airlines mentioned above failed to realize their original goals. LATAM, for example, closed its Argentine operation early in the pandemic, though it continues to serve the country from Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Currently, Aerolineas Argentinas is its country’s market leader by capacity. JetSmart and Flybondi are two low-cost competitors. Argentina’s largest airlines based outside of South America are Copa, American, and Iberia. Copa and Avianca are trying to capture traffic between Argentina and North America via their hubs in Panama and Bogota, respectively. As shown below, based on figures from Cirium Diio, these markets have grown in capacity since the pandemic, while most other markets remain significantly smaller.

Sao Paulo is Argentina’s largest foreign market. Madrid is its largest market outside of South America. Argentina doesn’t currently have any nonstops to places outside of the Americas and Europe, but it is served by Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines via Brazil.

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