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Aircraft deliveries drive Air Lease into top five

November 13, 2019

Cirium Lessor Portfolio Tracker – Q3 – 2019 During the past 12 months, Air Lease has jumped more than two […]

Cirium Lessor Portfolio Tracker – Q3 – 2019

During the past 12 months, Air Lease has jumped more than two spots into the top five lessors by value, overtaking SMBC Aviation Capital and ICBC Leasing as it embarks on aggressive growth plans. The company initially planned $6.5 billion worth of aircraft deliveries in 2019, but these plans were scuppered by delays at Airbus and the grounding of the Boeing Max 737 fleet. Still, despite these delays, Air Lease had taken delivery of 43 new aircraft by 30 September, Cirium fleets data shows.

Other notable changes in the top 20, include Aircastle which grew its portfolio by 11%, adding 34 aircraft to its portfolio over a 12-month period. The publicly-listed lessor could itself fall off the table if it is the target of an acquisition in the coming months. On 25 October, the company’s board of directors disclosed they were looking at “strategic alternatives” for the Aircastle, including a potential sale.

China Aircraft Leasing has moved into the top 20, as widebody lessor Amedeo has fallen off at a time when twin-aisle aircraft seem to be out of favor. CALC continues to primarily service Chinese airlines. Interestingly, those growing their portfolios through aircraft securitisations – like Carlyle Aviation and Castlelake – showing that aircraft management is in demand and well capitalized. This will be a trend to watch.

Readers should note that Cirium counts owned as well as managed aircraft in this ranking which means that companies that do not
take ownership risk on all assets they manage can still rank highly in the tables.

Current top 10 global lessors table below:

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At present we have many of the world’s leading lessors providing regular fleet portfolio updates with the information in the table above:

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