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Flexible aviation-ready enterprise data management

Available on-premise or as a fully managed cloud services, Powered by Cirium Sky solutions can be deployed to solve any number of diverse customer problems and is able to consume data from The Cirium Core in addition to data stored within internal company systems.

Break down aviation data silos

With a Cirium Sky application, organizations can centralize disparate data-sources, bringing information together systems and information from multiple stakeholders, transform legacy data into the latest standards and / or provide external APIs for data monetization.  

Boeing Dreamliner 787

Powered by Cirium Sky

Transform operations with data-rich systems

Cirium Core data integration

Utilize world-leading data from Cirium alongside or safely integrated with internal data.

Intelligent data fusion

Combine datasets from different stakeholders to unlock invaluable business insights

Aviation ready

Utilize inbuilt aviation specific system connectors, format translations and data models to dramatically reduce development costs and sprints.

Reliable and resilient

Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, Powered by Cirium Sky solutions can be built to 99.99% availability with options for 24/7 support

IATA Turbulence Aware

IATA selected a Powered by Cirium Sky solution to deliver its groundbreaking Turbulence Aware program after 96% of respondents to an IATA feasibility study – including airlines, air navigation service providers, and militaries – stated that they required real-time, objective data about the location and severity of turbulence.

IATA selected Cirium to build, host and manage the cloud-based Turbulence Aware which receives real-time turbulence reports directly from the aircraft and then anonymizes, processes, stores, and distributes that data in a harmonized manner to the world’s leading airlines. As a result, airlines can increase operational safety, reduce insurance costs and chose more efficient routes to reduce fuel burn.

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