Snowflake Software is now part of Cirium
    Snowflake Software customers have access to the largest, most complete timely aviation data and analysis.


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    Working with Unmanned Traffic Management Providers (UTMs)

    Machine-readable, spatially enriched and easily accessible NOTAM, TFR and airspace data for safe integration of drones into the global airspace.
    The unprecedented  expansion of airspace users, now including drones, creates many opportunities for UTM providers.  Cirium's acquisition of Snowflake Software allows us to provide fused, enhanced and validated NOTAM and aeronautical data to construct a global picture of the airspace.

    Why choose our solutions and industry expertise?

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    A global, unique and enriched picture of airspace and restrictions

    Through enriching NOTAM data with a high-quality aeronautical data-set, users can now access a complete global picture of the airspace, its restrictions and any relevant events.

    Integrate NOTAM data with flight, fleet and schedule APIs

    Construct a global view of flight by integrating notice to airmen data points with additional verified data points.

    Fused, enhanced and validated data

    Global NOTAMs available from a single source. Enhanced to provide full NOTAM lifecycle support and geometry.

    Enable informed, safe and accurate unmanned flight planning with enriched NOTAM data

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