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Returning people to the skies, every second counts

June 29, 2021

Cirium relaunches its monthly on-time performance reports as more flights return and travel demand rebounds.

Download the latest airlines and airport reports here

Increasingly more flights are returning to the skies and travel demand is rebounding as travel restrictions in many parts of the world are starting to lift.

Even before the pandemic airlines and airports experienced the pressure to transport people from point A to B safely and on time.

The focus on safety and on-time performance now feels heightened with many people eager to fly following a year of being grounded. Travelers will want to feel safe as COVID-19 continues to be a concern yet they will expect a timely service.

It’s a lot for the airlines and airports to navigate. A number of things can go wrong that is beyond their control—air congestion, taxi times from the runways and gate availability—and indeed extreme weather, technical issues and other external events can add unexpected turmoil.

This all impacts the traveler experience and can be a deciding factor for many travelers. Every second counts.

VIDEO: Cirium On-Time Performance is back for airlines and airports

Analyzing on-time performance has multiple benefits for the industry. It is a critical factor for both the public’s and corporations’ loyalty to airlines, identifying airline and airport operational improvements, analyzing the competitive landscape, evaluating partner performance and for tracking aircraft utilization aligned to sustainability targets.

The return of the Cirium Monthly On-Time Performance Reports is thus a huge positive for the industry.

The May 2021 results highlight some interesting shifts in on-time performance. For example, Japan Airlines (JAL) has risen in the Asia-Pacific mainline airline rank from 10th to 1st place when compared to the last monthly report produced by Cirium in February 2020.

In North America, Air Canada which did not make the top 10 in February 2020, now notably ranks as 2nd. Hawaiian Airlines however maintained its position. Red Wings Airlines tops the European mainline airline category after not featuring in the February 2020 top 10 rank. And in Latin America, Avianca takes top spot versus being in 9th place in 2020.

To see the full reports, click here.

Data coverage

If you believe your airline or airport’s flights are not fully covered in our database, please contact us. The Cirium team would be happy to discuss the Airline Partnership Program where your real-time flights status data can be integrated at no cost. Cirium will provide you with tools to help monitor and benchmark on-time performance.

Categories not included

The global airline category is not included in the latest report. Cirium’s on-time performance is based on stringent criteria, and at the time of writing, international flight frequency was still significantly down. Flight volumes are equally not high enough to include the Middle East and Africa region. Both categories will return when capacity increases.

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