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Traveler experience

How relevant data for travelers leaves a lasting impression

April 26, 2019

When developing solutions to improve the traveler’s experience, you design around the traveler’s expectations. It’s difficult to manage that when […]

When developing solutions to improve the traveler’s experience, you design around the traveler’s expectations. It’s difficult to manage that when there are so many kinds of travelers.

For some, it may be about personalizing customer service or offering a rich online shopping experience. You can also make an impact behind the scenes. Automating operational workflows and recovering from disruption could mean overcoming irregular operations in less time. For busy business travelers, that’s just what they are looking for.

Meeting any of these needs requires both technology and data.  Imagine what the traveler would experience if you could integrate even one more piece of information at each phase of the trip. How might it exceed expectations?

The technology behind the scenes is evolving to make it easier for every part of the traveler’s journey to have more relevant information. When looking for data to enrich those touch points, consider what kind of impact you’re looking to have and what will make it most relevant in that moment.

Giving choices they’ll remember

The online experience and the customer journey have become inseparable. As a result, the experiences you create with data feeds directly into the lifetime value of your customer.

The advent of new technology like AI-powered chatbots and smart search results has elevated customer expectations to the point where the only way to retain them is to deliver high-quality, unique interactions with your brand—from useful product recommendations to custom retail offerings.

Building an optimized online experience requires a mix of choice and personalization. Showing a variety of suitable flight options and amenities could bring a first-time shopper back to your site for future trips. Establishing your credibility as a reliable source of accurate flight options can also have lasting effects. For example, Ctravel recognized their chance to differentiate their new website,, started with reliable data the traveling community could count on.

Read the entire case study > 

Having the biggest reach of schedules and connections doesn’t build loyalty if the options aren’t dependable or don’t suit the traveler’s trip preferences.

Look to create the right combination of data points from the traveler profile, their shopping info, and your operational insights. We have seen customers configure search results to display the performance of each on-time arrival, or display flight and seat features with greater accuracy. That extra touch that influences their purchase decision could be what stands out in the sea of online travel searches. Linking data and presenting it in a way that fits your brand and your customer could result in a preferred experience.

Bringing data out from behind the scenes and into the traveler’s fingertips can also show you’re looking out for their needs and reassure them with helpful information.

You’ll find there’s more than one way to solve your challenges with the Cirium portfolio of solutions.

At Cirium, we’re exploring what analytics will empower more relevant interactions and accelerate decisions to shape the future of travel. To learn more, explore how you can improve the traveler experience. Or read more articles like this.

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