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on the fly: What are the busiest routes for Air France-KLM?

February 7, 2023

An analysis of the top markets for Air France and KLM.

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What are the busiest routes for Air France-KLM?


Air France-KLM enjoys one of the airline industry’s strongest and most geographically balanced global networks. Its presence is large in Europe of course, but is also considerable in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

At the core of this global network are two hubs: Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol. One surprising factor that they both have in common is the importance of Atlanta. According to data available via Diio by Cirium, Atlanta is Air France’s fourth busiest route and KLM’s second busiest route by Available Seat Kilometers (ASMs). This speaks to the power of their joint venture with Delta, which of course operates a giant hub in Atlanta.

What are the other busiest markets for KLM and Air France? From the chart below we can see that Latin American markets are heavily represented, in part because of their long distance from Europe. Singapore is another long-distance market that appears on both carrier’s lists.

What are the big revenue generating markets for KLM and Air France? It is important to keep in mind that higher ASMs (or ASKs if you prefer) does not necessarily translate to more revenue.

However, Diio’s FM traffic tool provides revenue estimates for airline markets, which in this case make clear that New York JFK is the top revenue-generating market for both Air France and KLM. An FM traffic analysis also highlights the revenue importance of French-speaking markets like Abidjan in Ivory Coast for Air France, and Dutch-speaking markets like Paramaribo in Suriname for KLM.

What are the busiest routes for Air France/KLM?

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