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    Cirium Sky for AirOps

    An aviation ready,
    as-a-service solution


    Key operational datasets are often kept in silos across various systems, with point-to-point communication interfaces making it challenging to share and use data effectively. Cirium Sky cleans, fuses, and organizes the world’s aviation data using its trusted data management platform, enabling Cirium’s customers to build valuable, operational applications.



    Cirium provides Airlines, Airports and ANSPs the ability to


    • Enforce safer skies as the number one priority
    • Make intelligent business and operational decisions from all stakeholders
    • Remove information silos
    • Provide a world-leading passenger experience
    • Increase efficiency and remove loss making operational activity


    Traditional ad-hoc data silos vs. Cirium Sky

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    Cirium Sky is an aviation ready data management platform designed and built by aviation experts to ensure stakeholders can make superior decisions backed by a wealth of operational data and context, it empowers airlines, airports and ANSPs.

    Minimal disruption

    Predict and reduce delays across the pre-tactical, tactical and en-route phases of the flight.

    Secure COVID-19 recovery

    Analyze schedules, aviation assets and fleet information to spot early recovery trends.

    Reduce adverse environmental impact

    Improve carbon footprint by supporting sustainability strategies and initiatives.

    Accelerate commercial decisions

    Identify supplemental revenue streams such as fly-over fees or effectively capturing airport landing.

    Foster stakeholder collaboration

    Support A-CDM processes to improve flight safety and operational efficiency across the ecosystem.

    Improve passenger experience

    Improve schedule reliability and resiliency to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Why Cirium’s customers spin-up Cirium Sky environments across their organizations

    • Accelerate Time to Market
      On-average data management and acquisition can consume up to 80% of a projects resource. Cirium Sky allows clients to redirect that effort into delivering value for customers.
    • Master Data Management
      Fuse aviation data from Cirium with one’s own proprietary data in a private cloud instance, available as a fully managed, highly available service.
    • Customize Platform
      One size does not always fit everyone - Cirium Sky provides flexibility to combine data sources, algorithms, and business rules in a dedicated private cloud environment to produce bespoke applications relevant to the client’s requirements.

    Take the next step and develop a 360 degree view of flights and aviation assets with Cirium Sky

    Cirium has a 112-year history of delivering intelligence to aviation stakeholders, providing recommendations on the most relevant data sets, unique to a client's requirements. Utilize Cirium Sky to coordinate between commercial strategy, operations and airspace & infrastructure to have one accurate 360-degree view of a flight.



    Data for all stages of flight

    • Access global aviation data that is cleansed, fused, validated and contextualized to create a relevant depiction of flights with real world context intact
    • Manage and integrate third-party and customer data sets in a secure private environment
    • Enables quick operational analysis to create your own analytics product using real time and historical data
    • Access a single, consolidated view of common operational datasets, creating a single source of truth for various perspectives in the aviation ecosystem
    • Quick and easy access to data and services - just connect and consume
    • Data-management-as-a-service model

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