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 New demand indicators for better schedule planning and revenue management

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Contextual insights from new demand indicators 

Traditional travel demand patterns have changed permanently. The accuracy of new models requires a greater variety of inputs and continuous validation. 

Diio™ Signals uses contextual data sources to validate or supplement an airline’s existing demand models and forecast. With this data, airlines can gain understanding and insight into fluctuations in demand. 

Diio Signals analyzes multiple data inputs, then applies machine learning logic to determine how those inputs will affect future demand for seats on different routes in designated time frames. It is available with SRS Analyzer and Diio Mi.

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 Diio Signals 

Diio Signals provides an indication of travel demand by combining contextual data inputs with Machine Learning to determine changes of future travel. 

  • Build higher confidence in demand models 
  • Interpret contemporary data to evaluate changes in demand 
  • Understand demand spikes in order to maximize revenue 
  • Improve target marketing against real opportunities

Diio Signals is data designed to indicate the impact on demand to the cabin class level of a corporate or business event. Using machine learning, Cirium processes thousands of global event data points and analyzes its impact on travel demand.


Diio Signals Webinar on-demand:

Watch Cirium technologists discuss new technologies transforming airline planning and scheduling. This on-demand webinar includes real-world applications of Diio Signals. Register to receive an email with a link to watch on demand. Webinar may not be available until Wednesday, November 24.

Discover Machine learning accuracy with Diio Signals

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    Use Signals with the full set of Diio modules including Diio Mi, Schedule Snapshot, Traffic and Fares, and Scenario Planner for a complete suite of enterprise Airline Planning tools.

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