Aviation intelligence in a managed cloud

Cirium Sky is a data as a service (DaaS) solution for the enterprise. It enables integration with private enterprise data and any third-party data source, all stored and managed in a secure managed cloud.

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Solve complex business and data infrastructure challenges for airlines, ANSPs and airports

Master data management

Fuse Cirium data with proprietary data in a private cloud instance. Customize access, APIs and business rules for the complete data management solution. Leave security, hosting and provisioning to Cirium.

Customized data cloud

Decide on which data sources to use, which algorithms or business rules to apply, and how you want applications to access the data. Cirium does the rest.

Deliver faster

Deliver solutions faster by focusing on applications, systems and potential customers, rather than data and hosting. Your private Cirium Sky instance can be up and running in a few weeks.

Always secure

Cirium Sky is independently penetration tested, and is certified to exceed ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standards.

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With Cirium Sky, organizations have a rapid deployment solution for combining Cirium’s data and the enterprise’s own data or any other third-party data together in a secure, controlled environment. Discover new ways to solve problems, analyze performance or present employees with information previously unattainable.

Cirium Sky cleans, fuses, and organizes the world’s aviation data using its trusted data management platform, enabling airlines, airports and ANSPs to build valuable and operational applications.

  • Enforce safer skies as the number one priority.
  • Make intelligent business and operational decisions across from all stakeholders.
  • Remove information silos.
  • Increase efficiency and remove loss-making operational activity.


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Lowering costs and environmental impact

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Avoiding turbulence through shared data

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