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Situational awareness of flight disruptions at UK airports


UK’s Department for Transport

Supporting situational awareness of flight disruptions at UK airports

About the Department for Transport

The UK’s Department for Transport works with agencies and partners to support the transport network that helps the UK’s businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country.

The Department of Transport’s responsibilities include setting national aviation policy and working with airlines, airports, the Civil Aviation Authority and NATS (the UK’s air traffic service).

What data challenges did the Department for Transport face?

The Department for Transport (DfT) needed to access near-live granular data on flight disruption at UK airports for situational awareness. This information needed to be in a format that is easy to manipulate and which could be analyzed rapidly and repeatedly. The data also needed to allow comparisons between airports, airlines and routes, as well as with historic flight disruption levels.

How did Cirium help DfT to address these challenges?

Cirium provided an online platform to enable access to data on cancellations, delays and punctuality for flights arriving and departing the UK, disaggregated by airport, airline and route.

Heathrow Airport

The tool allows the Department to look at the data for different groupings and time periods. It also provides a measure of coverage to allow analysts to make an assessment of the quality of the data available.

Why is accurate data and insight critical to DfT?

Accurate and timely data is important to DfT to provide situational awareness, especially in peak travel periods.

How was the project delivered?

Cirium delivered the Department for Transport’s specified requirement, including ensuring the flexibility of the platform and providing support with the tool.

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