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Japan Airlines: establishing performance benchmarks

JAL relies on Cirium’s aviation data and analytics – Airline Analytics Workbook and Airline Route Analytics – on a day-to-day basis to benchmark performance against the competition and the industry, monitor their own performance, and implement measures to improve overall operations and customer satisfaction. These tools provide real-time analytics derived from over 300 terabytes of information across 2,000 data sources that are normalized, stored and ready for rapid access, allowing the airline to make informed commercial and operational decisions.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve when you decided to get Airline Analytics Workbook and Airline Route Analytics?

While safety is our top priority, the JAL Group also strives to provide its customers with high-quality service in terms of punctuality, comfort, and convenience, while remaining conscious about our environmental impact. In our effort to achieve world-class punctuality, it was necessary for us to understand relative on-time performance. This required information on competing airlines which we could not access without the help of 3rd party services. Analysing the data from every angle enables us to view competitor performance as a benchmark in maintaining and improving the quality of our own on-time performance. We believe this is tied directly to improved customer satisfaction.

How do these two services impact your day-to-day operations and planning?

Using these two services, we aggregate daily on-time performance results and analyze trends from the data such as typical cause of flight delays. Doing so allows us to plan and come up with solutions through a coordinated, company-wide initiative. Through these services, we can easily access real-time data and share the information internally which then helps increase awareness on on-time performance across the entire JAL Group.

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Why are these services important in your operations?

We believe these services play an important part in providing our customers with a high level of punctuality as they allow us to see our competitors’ performance as well as visualize our own.

…doing so allows us to plan and come up with solutions through a coordinated, company-wide initiative.

What are the key differences in your operations before and after using Airline Analytics Workbook and Airline Route Analytics?

These two services allow us to compare our on-time performance against competitors’. Doing so allows us to analyse and implement measures that improve our service. We also use them to boost our own team’s motivation by sharing data that highlights their
good performance.

Were there any unexpected benefits from using our services? What feature did you and your team like best about Airline Analytics Workbook and Airline Route Analytics?

We have visibility over the number of flights our competitors are running as well as their on-time performance. It is also helpful for us to compare our performance against competitors flying the same route through the use of Airline Analytics Workbook.

What made you choose Cirium’s service among other solutions?

We selected Cirium’s data analytics tools for our on-time performance analysis because Cirium provides accurate, real-time, and insightful data that is superior to other companies.

Would you recommend these two services to others and why?

Yes, we would like to recommend this to others. We believe these two tools are useful because it enables us to easily obtain accurate and insightful aviation data from a variety of sources.

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