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Expert view, On-Time Performance

Models of airline consistency, a three-way race to the finish line for APAC OTP leaders

February 1, 2024

The results for 2023 reveal ANA’s continued success, albeit with a narrow margin.

By Mike Arnot, Juliett Alpha Media 


All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) have consistently ranked at or near the top of our Global and Asia-Pacific (APAC) categories since the inception of The On-Time Performance Awards. Last year, ANA emerged victorious in the APAC category, a source of great pride for the Japanese carrier and its team. 

The results for 2023 reveal ANA’s continued success, albeit with a narrow margin. 

The competition in the APAC region remained intense throughout the year, with JAL following closely behind by near fraction of percentage taking 2nd place. 

Throughout the year, the OTP rankings in APAC were frequently occupied by Thai AirAsia (FD), the 20-year-old low-cost airline that showcased exceptional performance. Thai AirAsia’s achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the over 113,871 domestic and international flights it operates. As an established yet continuously expanding low-cost carrier, Thai AirAsia’s commitment to punctuality and ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction taking the #3 position in photo finish with ANA and JAL. 

These carriers have truly mastered on-time performance. However, given their determination, it is likely that they will strive to further improve in 2024. While the statistical difference between the three APAC carriers is minimal, we would have preferred to see them share the award. Nevertheless, rules are rules and, as such, the 2023 APAC award goes to ANA this year, with an impressive OTP of 82.75% across 302,279 flight operations. Honorable mentions are well deserved for Japan Airlines with an OTP of 82.58% on 308,302 flights and Thai AirAsia with OTP of 82.52% on 113,871 flights for their outstanding performance in 2023. 

report highlights

  • Delta Air Lines celebrates its third consecutive year as Cirium’s Platinum Award winner for global operational excellence.
  • Avianca Airlines emerges as the global leader in punctuality.
  • Delta Air Lines also comes out on top in North America, with Iberia Express leading in Europe, Copa in Latin America, ANA in Asia Pacific, and Oman Air in the Middle East and Africa. Safair triumphs as the leading low-cost carrier.
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport stands out as the top global airport performer in 2023.
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