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Azul: Partner Viewpoint

May 25, 2023

Azul leverages Cirium data for airline operations and to deliver superior customer experience.

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Cirium and Azul Airlines Q&A

Azul Airlines has been the fastest growing airline in Brazil since they commenced operations in December 2008 and currently have the largest airline network in the country in terms of cities served, with service to more than 100 destinations, and 792 daily flights. Azul leverages Cirium data to help improve operations and to deliver superior customer experience to their millions of customers worldwide.

Learn more in our Q&A below.

Q: Last year, Azul not only won Cirium’s on-time performance in the Latin America region (Mainline and Network), but had a historical win, as the first Latin America airline to win the Global Mainline category in Cirium’s 14 years of reporting. What do you think is behind this historic achievement and remarkable performance for Azul?

A: “I could not be more proud of our operation and our crewmembers, which led Azul to be not only the most on-time airline in the world, but also the airline with one of the highest customer satisfaction metrics. Demand for Azul’s products and services has never been stronger, and we remain optimistic about the opportunities ahead of us in the second half of the year, seasonally our strongest period.

Azul - Cirium partner
Jeremy Bowen, Cirium Chief Executive Officer; John Rodgerson, Chief Executive Officer of Azul Airlines; Mike Malik, Cirium Chief Marketing Officer

At Azul, we have the most passionate Crewmembers who are obsessed with Customer service. And this service always starts with a punctual airline operation. We have a complex operation flying to over 160 cities around the world, with many different types of aircraft, which makes this achievement even more impressive. This is truly a team effort and I am proud to be part of this team”. Says John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul.

I could not be more proud of our operations and our crewmembers, which led Azul to be not only the most on-time airline in the world, but also the airline with one of the highest customer satisfaction metrics.

John Rodgerson, Chief Executive Officer, Azul Airlines

Q: How has the Cirium’s data helped Azul to conduct operations differently and efficiently?

A: With Cirium’s data, Azul achieved a better level of real-time operation tracking.

It allows us to keep track of operational information from other Airlines (national and international), identifying possible gaps and opportunities of improvement. When the performance of several companies at the same airport declines, for example, this could be a problem at the airport and not necessarily a gap in a company process.

Cirium’s data encourages Azul to always get better and mantain our leadership with a high level of service and operational performance. Always focused on our customer centric culture with a great and safe on-time performance.

Q: What were the critical organizational and operational changes Azul made during the pandemic?

A: During the pandemic, we promoted several transformations in the customer experience based on new customer needs. One of the leading behavioral changes we identified was social distancing at boarding time. It made customers much more sensitive to the company when boarding the aircraft, becoming a crucial factor in choosing an airline. That way, we created the “Tapete Azul | Blue Carpet”, a disruptive technology applied during boarding time.

The system provides safer, more organized, and agile boarding. We also successfully created touchless solutions, which resulted in more security for our customers, such as: self-service adoption at check-in and self-drop baggage.

Q: How have you tried to foster a culture based on data-driven decision making?

A: We created an environment based on data to support decisions and analyses. We always bring together all the stakeholders involved in a subject (creating concepts, indicators, very visual dashboards…) to monitor our results. It’s very important to have data teams united thinking and working together.

We have a team focused on analyzing operational data, which feeds the company with various indicators and dashboards (historical and in real time). Such information are essential to evaluate and improve the company’s performance. This team investigate the past and monitor the present in order to be prepared for the future.

Daniel Tkacz, Operational Vice President, Azul Airlines

Q: How valuable do you think a partnership with Cirium will contribute to the future success of Azul?

A: Currently in the world, those who have data can assemble information and especially with Cirium products we can have strategic decisions and follow-ups, and the sharing of this information generates healthy competition between companies in the sector and makes Azul always want to improve. It’s a win-win relationship.

See the full version of the
Cirium and Azul Airlines Q&A

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