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9 podcasts to accelerate change in travel innovation

July 2, 2020

Adapting to changes in demand is now the ever-present problem for travel companies. If you have asked yourself “What do […]

Adapting to changes in demand is now the ever-present problem for travel companies.

If you have asked yourself “What do I do now?”, you are most definitely not alone. We took some time to think about the challenges many are facing right now. Many of our experts have seen previous transformations in the industry. Collectively, the mindset across Cirium is one of optimism, and opportunity. With the right mix of automation and creativity, many companies will be able to accelerate their transformation. The hardest part may be knowing where to start making changes. So we asked ourselves the next question…

What does it take to innovate in a crisis?

We are inundated with change right now. Every role across travel is having to consider new problems. Recently, in a panel discussion with our VP of Emerging Product Robyn Grassanovits, we heard a few of her thoughts on the topic of traveler behaviors driving change. One of the key discussion points around the change in supply and demand compared the differences between adapting to and transforming through this pivotal moment in time.

To support this process of transformation in a crisis, we created a guide that touches on several elements for honing a problem and focusing on how to solve it:

  • Less is more.
  • Determine where your strengths lie.
  • Look to partnerships for advancing business development.
  • Pivot. Leap frog. Just keep moving.

If narrowing your problem requires freeing your mind of your old ways, then maybe you need inspiration to think differently.

To help you in the pursuit of inspiration, we’ve rounded up podcasts and conversations from a wide pool of industry experts. These topics could contain case studies and lessons learned needed on the path to metamorphosis. Yes, new problems and innovative new solutions could result in a complete regeneration of experiences across travel.

Travel innovation is out there waiting. To spur your thinking from a possible idea to a definite one, add these links to your  inspirational playlist.

9 podcasts to get your innovative spark

Thinking big picture
Before you can determine your strengths or hone in on a specific problem, you might need to think about where in the big picture you want to focus. Thinking about the rippling macroeconomic effects of this crisis could identify the needs for innovation.

 1. Freakanomics, well known for the book that launched a generation of informed “average Joe” economists, also has a series of topics broken down for you to browse by industry or by.

Honing your focus
In our current globally-minded environment, it’s also important to think beyond pandemic-related problems. Through travel, we find unique stories, which also bring us greater awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion challenges.

2. Let’s Go Together, is a new series from Travel & Leisure Magazine, new this summer! In the absence of being able to experience your travelers’ point of view, while not nearly as powerful as seeing the world in real life, a virtual discussion can offer a partial replacement.

3. The New Futurist covers topics like “Real Growth Happens When You Stop” and “Whose idea of the future are you creating?” Connecting ideas and understanding where you can have the greatest impact starts with making sure you have really found a problem worth solving.

Looking outside in
In blue ocean thinking, you sometimes look for the white whale, the crazy idea that seems like a true one of a kind. In our Eguide, we’ve outlined a few places where that thinking might come from looking outside travel. Other industries have been here before, and there are some really interesting companies who have emerged out of similar financial crisis.

4. How I Got Here follows the path of many start-up successes. Hearing from a variety of case studies might be the place to find inspiration for business-level changes. And the second season just started, so you have plenty of fresh inspiration to work with.

5. Apple Business Model Sandbox — Innovating is more than just data and technology. Many revolutionary changes started with a complete overhaul of the business model itself. And who better to bring you a platform for thinking differently…

Don’t get stuck
Whatever you do, says Grassanovits, from within the pages of our guide, you cannot hold still for long. Yes, you may need to stop for a moment to listen, think, and focus. But it’s not an excuse to put your head in the sand and ignore the change around you.  Pivot, leap frog, but don’t get stuck. That great advice requires awareness. As a leader, if your role is to propel others forward to make change happen, you may feel overwhelmed. So did many of the amazing forces interviewed in this series that explores the world of social change.

6. Changemakers embodies a central theme — If your project is both compelling and bound to create positive, continual change, it’s worth doing. Take heart, and take a listen.

7. Transformation Talks from PWC brings European minds together to address HOW to stage massive change, how to scale transformation, and how to inspire all employees to be part of the change.

Starting with the problem
For some, it may feel too far out there to tackle a massive change. That is ok. The most important step is getting to the right problem. You may recognize your needs are rooted in more foundational efforts of data automation, or just accessing performance analytics your teams can action.

8. DigginTravel will give you a look at airline marketing problems. Whether you’re inside the industry or not, you can get an idea of the challenges at the core of air travel innovation, and take small steps in the right direction. Tip: Start with 5 Key Lessons For Airline Digital Future episode.

9. Travel Genius reviews Travel ‘hacks’, and favorite apps, websites and loyalty services – from experienced Globetrotters. A great resource for market research to listening for current challenges within the traveler’s experience.

If you find any of these podcasts helpful, we’d love to hear your thoughts. So please come follow us on linkedin and let’s discuss. For more articles like this, continue reading here.

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