Flight data and analytics solutions for the global aviation ecosystem

Pin point the area of your strategy that will drive the most success. Produce actionable insight with precise data and analytics. Use experts that not only care about making solutions relevant to you, but who are also passionate about the improvements we will make collectively across the aviation ecosystem.

Improve traveler experience

Is your focus on enriching the experience of flying and getting in front of travel disruption?

Our proactive solutions enable agents to be better informed and improve alerts and notifications about a traveler's flight.

  • Be essential to managing flight disruptions
  • Accelerate performance and airline operations
  • Make your service stand out
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Close up of mobile device being held by someone sat in an airplane; the device emits a hologram of Earth, as well as other data-like graphics.

Develop commercial strategy

Are you looking at airline or airport strategy and want to improve your market performance?

Access the most comprehensive aviation market intelligence data and smart analytics, and help your business:

  • Anticipate macro economic trends
  • Optimize schedule and route performance
  • Develop your value to the market
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View over right airplane wing, airplane static and parked in airfield.

Manage financial investments

Do you help finance the aircraft fleets that are needed to keep up with growing demand?

We provide the most accurate assessments of the aviation industry and can help you not only make the best investments but also effectively assess risk:

  • Anticipate aviation market changes
  • Accelerate portfolio performance
  • Deliver strategy to stay ahead
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View from the ground of an Airplane flying over high rise buildings.

Elevate air operations

Does your team need accurate, flexible data and analytics to gain efficiencies?

Keep the pressures off by streamlining decisions for how you operate.

  • Accelerate airframe utilization analysis with most complete┬áhours and cycles data
  • Understand the full life of an airline fleet or a specific aircraft by MSN
  • Control rising disruption costs
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Close up of the internal structure of turbine engine within a commercial airplane.

We pride ourselves in providing world class solutions for almost every aspect of the aviation industry.

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