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 Global Aircraft Emissions Monitor 

 Accurate carbon emissions and fuel consumption measurement 

Cirium announces Sustainability standard for airline CO2 emissions reporting

Discover authoritative and independent flight emissions data for reporting, monitoring and benchmarking

  • Validated accuracy within +/- 1%*
  • Emission calculations based on specific flights and aircraft, not averages
  • Filtering and reporting by flight, aircraft type, engine and more
  • Easy access and reporting through an online workbook
  • Calculate and compare the emissions of flights, tail numbers, aircraft models, routes and fleets


* based on sample comparisons to proprietary airline data when applying assumed average passenger and cargo load factors

airplane and wing tip

Cirium Insights



Track emissions as a measure of efficiency and bring efficiency variables into the valuation formula. Deeper understanding of all aspects of total cost of ownership (emissions penalties). Get ahead of regional reporting.


Track actual emissions of aircraft based on aircraft configuration and usage. Understand the profile of a current operator including their emissions output. Accurate emissions data based on real usage helps enable the design of more efficient aircraft.


Gain a better understanding of the environmental impact of airport decisions and practices. Monitor environmental impact on the region. Optimize practices for the lowest emissions.


Gain a better understanding of the environmental impact of ATC decisions and practices. Optimize practices for the lowest emissions. (flight routings, restructuring airspace).


Track competitor emissions against aircraft types and usage behavior. Benchmark against the competition. Understand the competition’s emissions and standings.

Fuel Suppliers

Combine schedule information and emissions data to create fuel demand models. More efficient distribution and pricing.

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