Aviation and travel data for enterprise systems and traveler apps

Get exactly the data you need through streaming and REST APIs. With more than 30 different data sets available, Cirium has everything needed to power world-class tools and applications.

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Cirium aviation and travel data APIs

Access and integrate any of Cirium’s foundational data from The Cirium Core or employ our newest APIs including Flight, NOTAM, Aeronautical and Weather data as a service.

Visit the Developer Centers for more information about Cirium APIs:
Cirium Developer Center
Laminar Developer Center (NOTAM, aeronautical, UTM data)

We know critical systems depend on Cirium data. We continuously monitor our APIs and are dedicated to keeping them secure, stable and reliable. Check the health of your API feed anytime at

Mobile Developers
Integrate Cirium data, content and services into a wide variety of application environments.

Digital Signage
Kiosk signage at hotel lobbies, in-room services and flight information display systems (FIDS) in airports provide flight and airport information where travelers need it most.

Connect with travelers via accurate, consistent data across touch-points: FIDS, websites, mobile apps and signage.

Gain wider distribution of flight status data, operational insight and tools to deepen engagement with travelers.

Travel agencies
Provide better service to travelers through proactive monitoring and re-accommodation.

Publishers / Media
Bolster your travel content with flight status, weather maps, on-time performance ratings and alerting tools.

Register for a trial at a developer center or speak to an engineer.

Cirium Developer Center (more than 30 APIs)
Laminar Developer Center (aeronautics and navigational data)

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